Beadweaving in the modern age.

Looking down on a 3d CRAW cube (C) Louise Carter

These days there are many types of beadwork, beading stitches & techniques ranging from ancient embroidery and peyote stitch right up to CRAW – cubic right angle weave. And beadwork can be done in flat 2d, raised 2d or even 3d. And then there are the beads. Today there is an abundance of different types of beads, so much so that I would have to do a post all about bead types and then it would be out dated soon enough.

Many projects are done with just one or two stitches but some of the more complex projects can incorporate several stitches and techniques to create a complex creation. Most of my own projects to date have been made up of just one to two stitches and of only a few techniques, and I am still exploring what can be made in this way. I also typically use only one type of bead in a project and only one or sometime two sizes or bead. But most beadweavers will use several types of beads in a project and include materials other than thread.

All over the globe there are beadweavers working on discovering new techniques and there are even teams of people scattered across the world working new projects, techniques and figuring out the architecture of beadwork. It is an exciting time to be beading as new techniques are discovered and shared.

Types of projects range from jewellery, embroidery, tapestries, miniatures, boxes, decorations to sculptures. Patterns are abundant for those who don’t want to design their own creations or wish to lear a new technique with a pretty pattern. And for those who do want to create there own patterns there are programs such as BeadTool and Easy Bead Patterns to help the process along.

Well that is all for now, Louise and Millie.

Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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