Experiments, Mirrors and Feeling

I have been waiting for what seems a long time for my mirror mosaic tiles to arrive and today I have finally gotten to work with some of them. A simple sphere will be my first creation with them as I want to see how they sit in the beadwork and effect the general out come before moving on to any of my grander ideas.

Today has been a bit of a struggle with getting up late and a general feeling of being directionless. Some days it is hard to keep pushing ahead with my beadwork, when there is no way of knowing what path I should follow. We each have a finite amount of time on earth to achieve anything and knowing that even great artist like Van Gogh struggled their whole lives to get anywhere is rather disheartening.

You’d think that having people tell me how amazing and talented I am would boost my confidence and ego; and as nice as it is, I know there are so many talented artists out there in a sea of artists many of who are skilled at marketing themselves and their artwork.

Anyway today I’ve set my dad on the task of looking out for fancy buttons at the op shops, which means I will now be inundated with buttons, however I have plans for some of them and it will hopefully distract him from buying random things for me like clowns, and boxes and whatnots that I have to hold onto until someone can drop them off in an op shop of another township, so that he dosen’t end up buying them for me again. There is this one beading book that I brought a copy of years ago and never really used that dad found in an op shop and brought, and then brought another copy of and then another copy because he didn’t remember that I already had it. So even after selling one copy I still ended up with three. He’s a good dad, but sometimes frustrating as all parents can be.

On the brooch front i’ve made four different flowers with others to come and have a plan to make stars and have even found some of my old flat stones that can be turned into something unique. I even have plans to do up some of my pins (I have a collection) into interesting designs. And I have not been neglecting my Fibonacci project but it has been giving me grief, it might only get as large as six or seven cubes in its set.

Sorry about yet another late post.


Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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