Toho Series

Four of the toho dress series miniature dresses 14cm

I fell in love the first time I saw a beaded dress made by Ashely May aka PinkythePink. this was on the Deviant art site but she is also on Instagram. She is such a talented artist and her adaptations of the toho dress series are just amazing there is a link down the bottom and if nothing else you should check out her work. And when I saw a kit on ebay I brought it, having wanted to make a beaded dress almost since the time I started beading. It took me forever to manage to design my own before I got my first kit but I managed and after get the kit it was easer, even if the instructions were in Japanese and I had to work it out. Mine have a few mistakes and some like the green 2-103 I made some changes to suit my own personal taste.

The first of the toho dress series miniatures that I brought from ebay and beaded was #2-102, a lovely old victorian style dress, in pale blue. It is such a lovely dress and I am in aww of the person who designed it, unfortunately very little information on the kit was in english so I don’t know who the actual designer was.

I also made this dress again in purple and started a yellow one which looks great if only I could get my hands on the beads to finish it. Oh well, hopefully I shall find them some day.


then there is this that reminds me of a mermaid evening dress with a ruffled skirt. I also have found kits on amazon from time to time though they are a lot more expensive than anywhere else I have found them. Unfortunately that is the only place I can currently find them, there’s a link below. There is also a link to the Japanese site Rakuten where the kits can some times be found along with the unadorned mannequins.

This dress reminds me of a cross between a victorian style dress and a tango dress, made to spin around the dance floor. The pattern had a bit more to it by I personally liked it where I stoped, lots of frills really ain’t my thing. This is the one I made last of the dress series so far although I have a few other kits, waiting to be made including a wedding dress. Hopefully one day I’ll have all the dress kits; made and sitting in my display cabinet as they are all marvellous and who ever designed them should be so damn proud.

Occasionally I have seen kits on etsy, not often though.

Now this dress is the most modern looking of the series that I have seen so far and it is so pretty. I’ve love to have a dress like this in real life but a dress made of just beads and thread would be super heavy and then you’d never be able to sit down in it for fear of crushing the beads, or eat in it or really do anything else because so much work would have gone into making it. These little ones all take a few days to make as it is, but they are so worth it.

And it came with these cute little shoes to bead as well. which were a pain to make but worth the result.

Well those are the Toho dress I have beaded so far. I promise to do a post some time on the dress of my own creation, maybe after I have done another one or two. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a post about my fave Christmas pattern I’ve brought so far, it’s one I love to make so fingers crossed I’ll have time to make it at least once this year.

Love Lou & Millie


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