The Green thing

ARRR! I got so caught up trying to make as much of this Kusudama inspired ball that I didn’t realise how late it was getting. It’s already 8.27pm and I almost started on the second last part before looking at the time. Good thing I didn’t otherwise it would have gotten way to late to write. And as much as I want to get this project done; its fine to finish it tomorrow. After that I’ll take a small break from large art projects for the day as I have mother daughter bonding in the morning and a few Christmas things to be getting on with.

I do have some even bigger ideas so watch this space. Especially if you love math art and funky creations.

while the outside looks like some kind of spiky sea urchin or tubular corral the inside looks kinda like a green hive only instead of hexagons its all triangles. I know the whole point of the inside is that it is inside by it’s a bit sad that it gets hidden away, and there is no real way to see its full beauty. Of course with this piece you can peak it but it’s not quite the same. Still. I saw some negative space vases and maybe I’ll end up doing something with negative spaces so that I can show off the amazing inside spaces of projects.

You can see three of the last five sections made and ready to be sewn on, though one is kinda hiding in under the WIP.

I will properly make a miniature vase with an extra section as my insta poll has a 100% yes that I should make it. I’ll need a miniature flower to place in it but it will look super cute.

I use to get so frustrated with the small amount of thread visible in projects, it didn’t live up to my idea of perfection but the thread is a visible statement of how hard I work to make my creations. People know that like an ice burg the small amount visible is just that, a small percent of something very large, hidden beneath the surface. Each of these sections has taken over a meter of thread to make, so when it is done it will have more than twenty meters of thread hidden away in the beads holding it all together. It’s a good thing that I can buy thread in large reels.

Well goodnight. Lou

Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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