Bead Crumbs Hawaii!

Visit to purchase this pattern or others or etsy.

OMG ain’t they just the cutest. I brought the Ghost pattern from Bead Crumbs a while ago and like many of the patterns I brought its been sitting there, but its so cute that on my quest to make every pattern I own, it was the first one I decided to do and then I brought some more patterns. (Oops) Halloween might be over but that’s not going to stop me from wearing them about. My friend Penny will also be getting a pair.

If you are a beader/beadweaver/beadsmith or any other variation of the title, then I recommend checking out Jayne’s cute little patterns, they make great earrings, keyrings ect, and are fun to make.

Check out the links to the Bead Crumbs Hawaii website and pages below to buy your own fun patterns.

Jayne is an experienced beader and has been beading for years and got hooked on making cutesy brick stitch charms for her kids from images she doodled. (I on the other hand have no excuse except to say that I’m such a child lol) And in 2010 she opened her fantastic etsy store so we could all share in the fun of making her creations. She’s met many wonderful people through her patterns and beadwork and will hopefully keep at it because I’ve made about eight or so of her patterns in the last week and am keen to buy and make more.

Visit to purchase this pattern or others or etsy.

Now this was the third pattern I made up, because wanting more patterns I decided to offer my friends and family pairs of earrings for the price of the pattern and my cousin Kea took me up on the Gnome. Not sure what I did with the photo of the gnome earrings but here is one without the hooks. The colour scheme is different to the pattern because Kea likes orange and I just like being different. Anyway its a super cute pattern and there is also a cute Santa pattern.

The patterns are done in brick stitch which is super easy and if you do it correctly the beadwork pulls together seamlessly, with thread only showing where you can see the opening of beads on the sides. Its a great stitch for beaders who are just starting out and because Jayne’s patterns are small they are good for practicing on, as its not a huge deal if you muck it up unlike on a large pattern. Unpicking smaller patters is a lot better than unpicking larger ones and because they are small you tend to notice the mistake a lot sooner.

Visit to purchase this pattern or others or etsy.
Visit to purchase this pattern or others or etsy.

Dinosaurs. These cute baby dino’s come as a set and I just had to have them for myself. There are also pandas, poodles, cats, penguins, an elephant, lizards and more animal patterns to be found on the Bead Crumbs website and etsy page. Along with a unicorn drink, foods, Christmas ornaments and trees, to tiny 3d boba drinks. Considering how much I love bubble tea that pattern is on the list with the snails and Christmas stockings.

Sorry about the photo quality, unlike the photos on Bead Crumbs Hawaii instagram page I did not use opaque beads but went with shiny. Because shiny.

Visit to purchase this pattern or others or etsy.

Bead Crumbs Hawaii on instagram is where Jayne posts the made patterns up so you can see how they turn out. Like the cute puppy having a bath. Jayne tests the patterns which is always something you want when buying patterns. As you can see from my blank koi pod you can have fun with setting up the patterns you’ve made and use them for more than just charms and earrings. I’m not quite sure what I’m planning for my koi pod but there is a plan…

Well hopefully I have convinced you to at the very least to check out this amazing designer’s work and maybe next week or the week after I can talk another designer I admire into being featured on my blog, figures crossed.



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