Moving Foward

Hey guys here is one of four custom star’s I’ve designed for a custom order. It was a bit hard to get the balance right as one name was longer than the others and I didn’t want to make the stars too big given the price I quoted. This was the largest one and while it’s pretty I’m not really happy that the e’s run into each other though they do make a pretty flower.

Its been yet another busy week with cat sitting for my aunt as she went on holidays with work and beading. I also went to a curator’s talk at my local art space.

This is the second of four stars, and the name sits much better but dose not stand out as much because of the shine on the beads and how close the shade of the two colours are.

I think with the side and time it takes to design each individual star I’ll only be offering them from $30 and up in the future as they take more work than other stars. I’m sure people will still buy them as personalised items seem to be in vogue at the moment.

On Saturday I wen to a Curator’s talk at the Art Space by Dr. Eliza Burke on the Systematic art show that features eight Australian artists, that explore the links between systems and the human. It was an interesting exhibition and I really loved the set this was apart of though I unfortunately failed to find the name of the artist. I might have to go back at some stage as I can’t find it on the net. Its not the most interesting laser cut paper art I’ve ever seen but it is displayed in such a cool way. My camera added in the extra pink, something to do with the lights.

Millie moo has been rather instance on petting lately, luckily for her she is so damn cute.

When I was at the Art Space I did quiz the lovely volunteers about how the exhibitions were chosen and one of the Ladies in charge over heard our conversation and printed off an application for for me.

The Exhibition program is for 2022-2024 which seems like a good while off but is really not that far away. And is assessed on innovation and Diversity 20%
*Generate discussion and debate about new ideas/issues in art and culture (10%) I think the fact that I work with a little used medium will partly cover this one.
*promote and inspire diversity and/or attract diverse audiences (10%) I’ll have to think about this one a bit, I do have a beading audience and a math audience and followers from all over the world so that will help. I’ll need to work on building a diverse audience here in mackay.

quality 30%
* present a coherent body of work (10%)
this part is covered, it will all be in the one medium and will be about exploration of that medium and creating art with that medium. I’ll have to have a theme to tie it all together.
*present a well defined exhibition rationale and strong exhibition concept (10%) Well I was fantastic at concepts in Art class in high school so this shouldn’t be too hard
*Include a considered exhibition layout (10%) And this one will require some thought but again can be done easily enough.

New/perviously unseen work 10% well with at least a year to three years this can be done, it just means I’ll have to not post photos of a few projects.

Artistic Competencies 20%
* Demonstrate previous exhibiting experience (10%)
well this is a big fat no. I’ll have to look around town and see if I can find any where small and less formal where i can maybe have a showing somewhere.
*Include images of artworks of a high standard 10% I’m going to apply for art funding so hopefully I can do this one with out knocking out my savings acc. but if not I’ll just have to budget for it as high quality images are really important.

Connection to Mackay 20%
*Proposals from artists/s or curator/s from the Mackay Regional Council area 10%
Well I have this one covered as I’m a local and was born here and am the third generation to call Mackay home.
*Exhibition rationales/concepts that relate to the unique character of the Mackay region 10% This one will be a bit harder but I can create artwork with Mackay in mind, we have a lot in our region, from beaches to mountains and rainforest, sugar cane (we’re known as the sugar capital of australia) to coal. Apparently in 2018 we had over 80,000 residents and I’m sure that number has increased. We also have history with the area being inhabited by the Local Yuibera people and having Cape Palmerston, Slade Point and Cape Hillsborough named by Cap. James Cook. Then John Mackay led an expedition and decided to settle the land. After that Mackay became a port of entry for settlers. The local Yuibera people did what they could to defend their land and the settlers set the police on them to terrorise them with violence and massacre. History from all over the world is filled with such horrible happenings, It’s a wonder the human race has managed to survive at all. We also have cyclones, floods, two royal visits and a consort by Elton John.

So there is a lot to work with. and that is not to mention the local fauna and flora.

***Arr I ending up having to go to work before this post was finished and had meant to post it after I got home but completely forgot. I’m sure its of better quality today. than it would have been last night so that is something.

‘Till next time Lou.

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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