Glass Forest

Ok so four trees dose not make a forest but its a good start. I’ve got a plan hatching and one of them will be a thank you gift. The second smallest one at the front took the most time to make as I used the same technique as the tinsel and while I’ll make some more in different sizes I won’t be making a boat load of them. Still I think I can write up a pattern for the trees, so maybe I’ll be selling patterns for them eventually.

I finally got around to making flowers for my mini vase with the help of a youtube tutorial by Rukodelie TV and some very off beat captions. they are super cute and easy enough to make so expect to see more of them worked into things.

On a different note its back to work this arvo, though it’s only the two days this week. So not really worth while but its better than nothing I guess. Still I’ve been applying for new jobs as there really has to be something more suitable out there.

Here is one CRAW stitch. It’s not by fave stitch by any means but it is fantastic for making cubic sculptures. For each cube or ‘stitch’ it takes 20 beads, if you are making an augmented CRAW creation, its less if you are making the usual CRAW as each stitch is interconnected with the ones around it. CRAW tends to take more time and beads than other stitches and augmenting it takes even longer.

I’ve been thinking about the square project for the beadwork museum and what to do for it, and how to do anything with in the finicky parameters required to do it this way would end up being too large for the square if I was to make six squares like this so I think I might have to work from the outside in. I can also try something in the ordinary CRAW, but we shall see what happens. I do need to figure it out soon though as its dew in a few months and as this month as demonstrated life is busy.

I’ve also been working on my first order for next year (the dark purple bauble), playing with colours, to get the mix right and on an old set that I want to finish (the pink).

anyway I’ll try to post again tomorrow on the correct day with a bit more about all that is currently going on and with future plans, but I have to start getting ready for work soon so I’ll sign off now.


Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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