Too Eventful

Well since my last post I’ve been sick and on Friday went to work and apparently looked like shit but as the only back up was a heavily pregnant lady who’s been having health problems I sucked it up. Did call the boss partway through the shift to see if we could just get out jobs done and go instead of fuddy dudding around and she said that was fine but was kinda surprised I hadn’t called in or something. And then at the next job that night my car wouldn’t start so we had to go for a walk back to the office to grab the other lady’s car so we could jump start mine. Got it going and finished the last job with no problems. Ending up buying a new car battery, dad came into town to jump start my car, I organised to get his windscreen fixed while he was in so it was a full day, of waiting around. Got ready for work Monday arvo and the car wouldn’t even turn over it was dead. Called the boss again and organised to get picked up with all the work stuff I had in my car and then called the company who installed the battery. They were like bring in in Monday we can diagnose the problem but we are fully booked till the end of next month.

Lucky I know some mechanics and one will take a look at it tomorrow for me and hopefully it will just be something like the battery was not connected properly or something easy and cheap to fix.

On the beading front I haven’t managed to do a whole lot new as I’ve been under the weather and dealing with life’s unexpected dramas. for the most part I have been working on colour combos for my order and have accidentally made two new sized baubles one slightly bigger than a small and one slightly bigger than a large. I’m not sure about the black and this yellow but my bead order has arrived and I did get a yellow I adore and will I hope make a great tree topper. it is a fantastic opaque canary yellow is and very vibrant. It should stand out with an colour. I only wish I had brought more of it. Oh well there is always next time.

Ok so my fortune cookie said: Wisdom is the lamp, good thoughts the oil, sweet words the flame. I don’t know there the quote comes from it’s not attributed unfortunately. Its a cute little saying. Not sure sweet words are really the flame of wisdom, they seem more the domain of compassion. But then compassion is wise.

There seems to be a lot of compassion and wisdom lacking in todays word as it’s not convenient. Our moral compass says that if you can do it that it’s not wrong. UHH. I came across an audible post on FB and was shocked by just how many people were blatantly posting about how they make frequent use of the return policy, because they don’t like the story line or narration. Not because there is something wrong with either like a fault or something like that. Don’t get me wrong the return policy is good, i’ve used it twice. Once because I accidentally brought a book in a language I didn’t understand (the cover was in english) and the other was because I struggled through the first section of the book (it was one of the really long ones) and just couldn’t keep going, I hated that book so much that with a twinge of guilt I returned it. I mean I really hated that book (also I had no extra spending money at the time for another book). I’ve only come across a few book’s I’ve disliked but it was only that one I even considered returning. And sure I’ve read plenty of meh books but I give them a meh review or low stars and move on after all someone worked hard to make that book and narrate it. I’m not going to love every book I read and that is just part and parcel of reading. But a lot of people were justifying many returns as it is a service that audible offers and if they didn’t love the narration or the storyline then back it went. The whole justifications was well I can do it so its not wrong. And this is attitude explains so much of our history.

One lady replied to my first post saying that I was wrong and we went from there me trying to point out to here that the authors and narrators and publishers were all affected (why I feel bad about that one return) but she just said that the last two authors were dead so it didn’t matter so being me i asked if she checked to see if the narrators and publisher were also dead. Someone found that funny. Anyway after a few more comments I pointed out that actions and attitudes have ramifications and that it affected people. The lady who was telling me I was wrong said I didn’t understand the policy and was narrow minded. Now all I did was rebuke the claim, I know how the policy works and how it was intended and I know that audible allows people to return as many books as they want because they want people to be satisfied with their service and keep spending money with them. I also know that the authors, narrators and publishers are the ones that take the hit. So she said that I didn’t understand how the policy worked and was narrow minded.

I do actually understand the policy and why audible are ok with people frequently returning books as it had little impact on them as for the most part that money goes back to them on another book and it increases levels of customer satisfaction and people love having the return policy as peace of mind. But just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should or at least do it frequently at any rate. And you should never every call someone narrow minded as a means to win an argument it doesn’t work and either way the person is likely to comment back. In my case I stated that I did understand the policy and why they accepted the level of returns and pointed out that she was actually narrow minded as she did not consider how her returns affected others. And apparently that was too harsh and she deleted all her comments which is bloodily weird, in that my half of the conversation is still there immortalised and well so is her name in my comments. And it is not like it was a toxic conversation or anything, in fact it was super tame by internet standards.

As a society we seem to have lost the capability for civil debate and the few of us willing to hold a debate meet very few others willing to hold one with us. People have become inflexible to changing their opinions and when they can’t win they try to erase their non victory from sight.

Ah sorry this was not a blog post about beading really but I needed to have my say some where in more than just comments.

I will post again in the next few days, something on the topic of beading and hopefully I will have a few beading things to post about.

nighty night. Lou

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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