Operation Easter.

Hey guys and girls, I hope you’ve all had a good easter even if you’ve been in lockdown again like down south or wearing masks out and about.

I’ve had Friday up till today off and decided to make the most of it by keeping up the prep work to make the process of beading faster. But I did get somewhat distracted by a super cool easter egg inspired shape on the Geometiles IG account. Now their egg had 2 squares, 10 pentagons and 96 triangles and while I plan to make one I chose to make my own for the time being with 16 triangles. And its roughly the size of a smallish easter egg.

I have also been working away at my Goodreads book challenge for this year and am determined to finally hit my 365 books pa this year. It’s been a goal for a few years now and I’ve always fallen short by a hundred or so. I also have some cool Been There Done That posters, one for books, one for movies (not so cool) and one for food. As you can see I am also knocking off as many as I can of these as well, though I did put them aside for a while.

Hum what else? well I am set on making a golden ornament set for the next photo shoot I book as that would look fab and I’ve made a tree topper and parts to get that going, as well as the first open bauble for the set. The tree topper is pictured below

The tree topper pattern I brought from DiMarca has been super handy and I will really have to get around to making her actuall pattern so you can see how talented she is, as her actual design is beautiful. Many of her patterns are on my wishlist and I have brought a few to make.

Unfortunately my current photography skills and lack of photography equipment do not do this minimalist golden star justice but it really is lovely even if I do say so myself. And it will be stunning to have a pure gold set adorning a tree. there is really just something about gold and the elegance of simplicity.

But I’ll stop waxing poetry. For now I have started three more tree toppers (not golden) to get done before Christmas.

And I have been one of those people that takes their craft to coffee and dinner, using the break from making parts in a production line style to tie up the ends and cut up the ribbon. Basically doing simple tasks I don’t want to waste beading time doing but need to be done none the less.

Thankfully I love the SL gold and brought a 250 gram bag on my last order and still had a decent amount left from before that so I have a lot of gold to work with. On the other hand I have very little SL silver left which is just sad as it would also make a stunning set all by its self. Well maybe the next time I can manage an order I’ll get a bag or two.. We shall see. I also have some other sets planed so keep reading.

On a non beading topic this came today, an easter present from my aunt, I’ll be making her a tree topper for Christmas in her fave colours and we shall see what else I can gift her. Its an Orange Chocolate Liquor and looks amazing and I just love the bottle. My cousin Kea got a Chili Chocolate Liquor which also sounds amazing.

My mum gave me some Darrell eggs and I spent time with several family members over various meals. Though my dad didn’t come to town this week given that masks are currently mandatory and a lot of Australians are holidaying in our fair state despite the pandemic.

Ok and for other Christmas sets I have planed are a rainbow set, a white and blue set and if anyone is keen a maths set, with several different geometric shapes, thought I’m not sure in what colour as I don’t think the yellow is really Christmas, you know. Oh and I’ve just go the triangles to go for that geometiles egg. Anyway I think tomorrow I’m going to put together some of the shapes I’ve already made the parts for.

Also if you follow me on FB you’ll know that I got the photos from my last shoot with Coffee and Hops and they are amazing. So I will of course be doing a post to show some of them off, but you can also find them in my photos folders on FB so check them out.

Well that’s all folks, I’ll catch you next post.

Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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