Möbius Band and 2k

I celebrated hitting the 2k follower mark on instagram yesterday and was so excited and grateful that my unusual passion has gained so much love and attention.
I was also given some beading/math ideas by @best.miyuki.patterns on instagram as well and set to work making this möbius strip which was easy enough to make and fun to play with. And I have a STEM project by a fab designer I will be trying out soon.

Now I found this last week I think and have been listening to it all day while beading. Its a fab podcast about art, where Robert and Russell interview friends and artists about their art, art work they love and their experiences with art. I can’t honestly say that I like much of the art they talk about (having gone fangirl stalker on their insta page 😂) but I have found some amazing art works on there as well and discovered some new artists to keep an eye on. And really it is just an interesting way to get to know about art and how it moves people.
For me art has always been in my life, I remember as a kid being taken to GOMA in Brisbane and loving it (although I don’t think my family were really into going it was just one of those things you should do and they had interactive art for kids) and there were exhibitions like Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room, the floating orbs, the spot rooms (interactive) and eX de Medici’s art work, which was rather grim with the skulls and guns and kind of manic but also wonderfully detailed and full of colour.

Mackay is making a real effort to become a destination and you can now find art in many of the alleyways around the city centre. Since Elton John was the most famous star to grace our small stadium he features in one of the street art works. I snapped this picture on Saturday night after work when I caught up with my Mum and our friend Lachlan who currently lives in Brisbane. It was a mostly good night and I checked out the gallery bar which I’ll have to make a point of going back to to check out the art. The poor bouncer got a scare when mum fell down the stairs (for the second time), but she decided she was fine and we went on.

I also spent most of yesterday with dad for our usual Thursday Lunch on the harbour wall. This sea gull eyed us for our food and was quite cheeky. Then I spent the afternoon with mum and we ran into my friend Zoe and her bub while we were shopping. Mum brought me some boots to wear with my black dress and my black pinafore, as well as a shirt to go under my pinafore. The rest of the day I spent on instagram, beading, reading and then watching bones.

I’ve also been adding to my golden collection today and who knows it might be ready for this Christmas depending on how often I get distracted by other projects. That and I’ve done some more of my rainbow set.

I have also started to try learning crochet again and my first try was a flop. my second was just a chain and ended up being just the right length for my wrist, though I hadn’t planned that at all, I had just stopped so that I’d have time to write my blog. Anyway I have work tonight so I had better get a move on with things. I’ll try to post again in the next few days. Lou

Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

2 thoughts on “Möbius Band and 2k

  1. Hi lou, may i ask what DB number you’re using for your gold series. I love how you’re going deep on a few areas. what does your bead stash look like? do you just buy a few colours by the 500g? or do you have a rainbow?

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    1. Hi the db for the gold is 0042 and its sl gold. Thanks I really love exploring what you can do with small changes and simplicity. I have a rainbow, i can’t easily get the beads i use in Australia so I have to buy in bulk every now and then to make it worth while. I do buy as many bags of 500gs as i can but mostly get the 50gs or a few 7.5 tubes if its not a color i use a lot or have a plan for.

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