Illuminate 2021

ok so since my last post I have practically done next to no bead-weaving, its a shock I know but to take the photos for my last post I had to clean up my desk so that I would have enough space and I might have gone on a bit of an organising rampage in my studio/bedroom. And as I have a lot of stuff crammed into one room things had gotten a little out of hand. There was a lot of dust and I took no preventive measures so got sick.

UGH. anyway other than going to work I’ve been taking it easy and other than some gunk that refuses to move off my lungs I’m feeling much better. The moral of the story is not do a spring clean in winter and wear a dust mask.

Any who yesterday was a huge day out with pre booked events, one of which was the illuminate event. We’ve been to previous ones before and there are always cool things to look at.

Usually it’s been held at the botanic gardens but this year it was spread out along the Bluewater trial along the river front. I think maybe the idea was that if it were spread out then it would be more covid safe or something and although it was a free event you had to get tickets for a time and a night in advance. I picked 6pm as its usually dark in winter but it didn’t quite get there last night. We were really disappointed by how crowed it was, there was hardly room to move and getting pictures without other people in them was an unwelcome challenge. It was not covid safe at all so I really hope Mackay’s luck has held.

There were as I have said some cool things to look at but on the whole it was much of the same from the other years and apart from the dancing man at the end lacked anything really exciting.

So between that all the push parents, the over crowdedness and the massive safety hazard of crowed of people crossing busy roads where Mackay drivers speed about (how they managed to get insurance considering is beyond me, let alone how they paid for it) it was a bit of a flop for anyone who didn’t have kids. I think it took us less than half an hour to view the whole thing.

Which is a shame because it is such a good idea, and the other years that we went were worth while, this year was just let down by the details and well as having not much art. That and having too many people crowed in. I had though that the time allotments and tickets would have gotten rid of the unfortunate crowding issue and though I understand they want to get as many people in to see the beautiful art work it was a massive detractor. May of the art works we couldn’t get close enough to get a good look at and while some were interactive, even the ones that weren’t had people surround them.

Hopefully it will be held again next year, with less crowding and maybe some children free time slots as not all of us have children and while it is a great even for them it would be nice to be able to view the art with out random kids getting photos with it. Really they would only need one or two child free slots as the majority of people did have kids from what I could see. It would also be good if they picked a safer, road crossing free environment. Hopefully they start planing it now and will have heaps of exciting things for next year and maybe some of the art work will be social distancing so people can actually see them. Some performance art would have been a fantastic addition to the event.

Other than that I spent most of yesterday at Azure glass with mum. I designed this massive square to use in some of my photos of my bead work though I think Grace the lady to runs Azure glass might have struggled a little with my lack of artistic flare. Though give that it was an all day class and cost a fair chunk of money she might have been worried that I wouldn’t be satisfied with my one rather boring piece. She needed have worried I love it and did add some extra thin lines to spice it up a bit. I think it will look super cool in photos and i can have it with the light shining through the clear parts or I can put something behind it to add more colour. I also mad a stripe coster with the left over green, orange and clear glass. Mum was more adventurous with hers and made a sandwich tray, with lots of different blue rectangles that kinda looked like a city sky line all around the edges and another one with some daisies on a background of chunks of clear glass so it will have a lot of texture. I’ll post some pictures in a couple of weeks when they are done.

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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