Orange Thing

Hey there I’m a little on the late side this week, but am getting my post in. The orange thing is done and has a new name thanks to instagram. It was a hard choice with Burning barnacle by @808kolia being my fave choice and close behind where long and winding road by @karensamnorgard
Penty McOrange by @peggythrasherbaskets

But for practical reasons I’ve decided to go with

‘extended dodecahedron’ by @chepbrooks. So the Green Thing also has a new name though I think the Green Thing and Burning Barnacle have kinda stuck in my mind so they shall be the unofficial names.

A part of the reason I am posting late this week is because a large chunk of the fam went up to Airlie Beach for my cousin Paul’s birthday and eight of us camped out in an air bnb with this lovely view. I’m not a fan of Airlie beach as there is not much to do and it is very touristy but it was a nice family get together.

This post is coming along slowly as Millie is drooling all over me after me being away overnight though I am sure aunty Toni spoiled her and the other two.

Ok So on the left is a photo of most of the starters that I have used to start some of my bead work on. I really only use them for larger things as they help keep tension when starting a project and also on the really large works they help you keep count. Anyway I’ve labeled them in the photo so you know which ones are which.
there is a basic starter strip I made my self which is the red/yellow and blue/green one, that also acts as a counter and is great to use when starting the miniature dresses. Then there is is CGB spine, the CGB Pod Cast Beads (which the spine was made off) and some basic shapes By Diane Fitzgerald which I make the parts for the Burning Barnacle and Green Thing off. if you look closely you can see that I’ve started a green triangle on the triangle starter if you want to learn how to use starters than you should check out the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork blog for the Pod Cast Bead and for deconstructed sets, and also videos on youtube. Diane’s basic shapes pattern is available on her Etsy page. I figured as I’ve been using a few starters lately I’d tell you a bit about them.

The big starter is for this bad boy, it is going to be a vase and while this section was not made on a starter as it is the base, I did have to make a starter the same size as the base. I shall be designing other projects specifically to re use the starter as it too ages to make. which should not have been a surprise as it is almost the size of my palm. As you can see I am working on adding in more patterns and details into some of my work, and will try to do a ‘Proper’ ugly sweater design something in the near future. though I do like my ugly sweater inspired vase. Maybe I’ll make a star with an ugly sweater on it for Kea…

other than that I’ve been making more warped squares for the Black and White project as there was a call out for some more, I did send off an email asking if I could host a international bead work project next year with the international bead workers guild so we shall see. And I’ve been working on the top of the purple dress and can’t say I’m happy with it at the moment so I’ll update you with how its going next week, hopefully by then I’ll like it.

’till next time

Lou and Millie

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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