Sunday Funday AWC

Dreamcatcher class by Leah Tranter, Bugged Textiles

Ok so Mum and I have been going to these art workshops for the last few weeks, We’ve made dreamcatchers and mini glass pineapple plates and today was water colours. The class this week will be making animals with fondant.

It’s a lot of fun so if your in Mackay and have some time to kill on a Sunday then you should check out the Awc classes available on the website listed below. We’ve been to a breakfast class and a lunch class and there are also afternoon classes currently available. Next week we are going to the Sugar Skull glass class.

Glass Class by Grace McDonald, Azure Glass

Here are the cute mini pineapple plates mum and I made the other week, mine is on the left with no slump and mum’s in on the right. We’ve done a few classes with Grace from Azure Glass and have some fantastic creations to show for it. It is also fun seeing some of the amazing creations other people have made in Grace’s studio. Mum has ordered some custom plates for my birthday gift, that will look stunning holding some of my baubles. Ok I might be rather obsessed with beading and how everything can be used for beading lol. Anyway I promise to show you photos of the sugar skull and of my plates when I get them.

Water colour class by Douglas Lenton of Dougs Art Pieces

And this is my card from Dougs’ watercolour class. My friend Penny and I had a lot of fun with the other ladies who were in our class. It’s not bad for a first attempt and every card turned out so different. Putting on the tape around the edges and pulling off was also oddly satisfying. Penny had a little trouble with the imperfect nature of water colours but I ended up just rolling with it and am happy with how my card turned out. Water colours might not be my medium of choice but I think its good way to create without over thinking too much.

And the food was amazing! D’ sure knows how pick out the best fruit.

Schnitty in a box AWC class lunch

I mean really how good dose this feed look? and it tasted even better.

me working on my card

And well here is a photo of me working on my watercolour card. It really was such a great day and for a class that includes food, wine and bubbly it was also a fantastic price.


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