Suddenly November!

This year is flying by way to fast, it feels like it only just started but now is almost over. Still I am a head on this years Goodreads, reading challenge with 325 of 365 books. I am keen to hit 365 and will be super happy if I knock off a couple more.

I’ve gotten a few Christmas orders this week but not enough to justify buying more beads unfortunately so it will most likely have to wait until the new year some time. Oh well I’ll just have to keep cracking on with what I have available. Although there is still enough time for more orders so maybe.

This morning I finished a personal star for myself, as I need some examples of personalised starts and thought what the hey, I am going to make some for my own Christmas tree because why not. And as an added bonus it will mean I always have some examples on hand.

I’ve all so made a small price list for facebook and am making up a rough visual chart of bauble/star types and patterns, to make it easer for people to pick what they like. I’ll have to do up a colour combination one as well as it would be super handy.
Millie was watching me type and is wondering where the pray is. lol.

On Saturdays at the back of Days for Girls there has been this curlew and it’s chick. I didn’t want to get to close and scare them so its not the best photo.

We celebrated the birthday of Days for Girls and Skyped with another branch so that we could celebrate together, which was cool and aunty Joan cut the cake. I also had taken home some ‘homework’ and did it at the last minute on Friday night.

For some reason this morning I thought it was Monday 😂.

I have no idea why but I am glad it is not. Tomorrow is already too soon for the weekend to be over.

Ok here is one side of the fuchsia square done. I just have to finish adding the last layer on this side, which will stiffen it up and pull everything together rather nicely. I don’t have very many beads left so I won’t be able to get much of the third level done until my next bead order.
I think when it is done the middle section of each face will look really cool with the negative cross space. My next designs for this series will involve different size squares. I am also planning to do two crosses in this style.

Hum what else? well my aunty gave my cousin and I some popping pearls which are fantastic, I love popping pearls as they are fun to eat and tasty.

Also another aunty I haven’t seen in years has been in touch and might be coming up to Mackay which will be great, it has really been way to long. Oh and my friend Penny will be coming over for a craft day tomorrow, so we can catch up and I can still get some beadwork done as I have a lot to do. And speaking of getting beadwork done, I shall be off to do some more.

Stay busy Lou.

Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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