2022 International Patchwork Sculpture

Making 3d Sculptures from 2d parts

About the Project

Run by: Louise Carter with the Beadworks Guild for International Beadweek 2022

Theme: Patchwork

The project: The participants are making 2d pentagons to a set template with Miyuki Delica beads. As the theme is patchwork everyone can use provided patterns or design their own for their pentagons as long as they are the correct size. Once the pentagons have been sent to Louise in Australia, she will put them together to make one or two sculptures depending on how many pentagons are made. Louise will be videotaping the sculpture coming together so that everyone participating and anyone else interested can view the process.

A pattern and tutorial for the project can be found on the international beadworkers site and in the Facebook group for the project.

The project came about because I had noticed a pattern of people commenting on my 3d shapes saying that they would never be able to make anything like them and I thought that as they were made in parts it was something everyone could learn, at least the basics of it. So I wanted to help people get the skills, knowledge and the confidence to start experimenting with 3d shapes.

Exhibited: The finished project will be exhibited at the Gordon White Library in Mackay in June 2023 before being sent to the Museum of Beadwork in Portland, Maine, America which will be its final home.

Who’s participating in the project? This will be updated as we go along. We currently have 97 members in the Facebook group and others are also participating outside of the group.

Louise, Delicate By Lou, QLD Australia
Ana, acbeads, Portugal
Debby, Washington , USA
Sarah, Belgium
Karen, South Africa
Margaret, New Hampshire, USA
Ursula, Switzerland
Ulla, Stockholm, Sweden
Teresa, Idaho, USA
Jaclyn, Australia
Jan, Derbyshire, UK

Links for the project and me

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