It started as a Vase…

Sorry I didn’t manage to write a post last week, I ended up just being drained after having a huge weekend last week and then helping work out this week and Ana was off sick on Friday. We have both been collecting HP cards from Coles and swapping them with each other. Our boss is also gonna swap cards with us so I will have most of them. I really just wanted Luna and Hermione, but well I do love collecting things and I still don’t have Hermione (either version). I do feel guilty about collecting them at all though as I don’t want to support the TERF; JK. Sigh life.

Ok in actual beading news if you were following my mini twitter blog, or my stories on INSTA of FB then you would have seen part of the vase saga. This lovely box is what started it really. As the post title says it started as a vase. And then became a box because I started going up and was like this would look great as a box and then had to make a box. It also doubles as a tea light holder (only the electric ones) though I will have to come up with a design that shows off the light better. Unfortunately the colours don’t show up as well as I would like in the photos.

I had actually started a larger vase but had stopped to make what had turned out to be the box. However, when I returned to it, it did not become a vase either. Yes I know that’s twice now. You might be wondering if I actually managed to make a vase?
Well yes I did and it was the one I had been meaning to make all along, just in a different colour combo. This one however became a ring holder.

It’s kinda ordinary but it works as it should. I remember my mum and grandma had small crystal ring holders (that looked nothing like this) and was inspired to make one. I am glad I didn’t turn it into a vase as I really didn’t have enough beads to keep going up the way that I wanted, as high as I wanted. So it worked out nicely enough. But what about the vase? Ok its next I promise.

I honestly think the shape would look better as a lantern. I will have to come up with a lantern design for it but the vase is cute so I am happy with it. The colour combo is one I’ll have to use again as it is great, though it’s hard to see the metallic purple in this photo.

I will be doing a tutorial for the flower as a few people have asked about it. I will have to find the petal design as it is old and I have no idea where I put it. Hopefuly I have a copy on my computer somewhere though it was from

before this computer.

Oh, and the latest instalment of it started as a vase, is this cute mini vase which is small and hard to get a good photo of. So it started as a vase and ended up as a vase but not actually the one I was making. I had plans to go up but I liked it so much where I had gotten to that I stopped. There are two more that I am going to make along with all the other projects on the waiting list.

Finally on the beadwork front I found a small amount of SL Gold Tohos and have added three more rows and a bit onto my scarf and will hopefully get another three more rows done before running out of the beads again. Oh and I have also signed up as an Uber Eats driver to make some money to pay for my car part that I need to replace and an order of beads. I haven’t started delivering yet as having to deal with so many people creeps me out but I will get there this week hopefully. Not today though, I’ve had to deal with too many in the past few days and am all peopled out.

other than that I’ve been reading as always and the Sandman on Netflix came out on my brother’s birthday. I managed to stay up and watch three episodes after work, then changed my routine and watched the rest the next morning instead of reading, once I got out of bed. My Twitter followers are not really interested in my Sandman tweets but I loved the show and it did justice to the comic books and audio books. Also I watched Trainwreck: Woodstock 99′ (later that night after reading a bit) and OMG talk about insanity. I almost can’t believe that really happened and the footage, wow. Then last night (day three of Sandman being released I watched Shania Twain because she is amazing and one of my heroes from when I was a kid. After that I was looking at what else to watch and was not really interested in watching anything else on Netflix or at least on the home page and I didn’t want to go on a search so I started watching Sandman again and got up to E6. And yes I will finish watching it and the remaining four episodes tonight.

Ok, I should get some work done. I will have other news for you later.

Love Lou

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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