Shapes and more.

It has been great to see everyone getting involved in both international projects and all the enthusiasm to add in open pentagons. I offered to make a tutorial just as something interesting for people to learn but several people are keen to make them for the project as well. I’ll be editing the videos after this as I was interrupt and had to make two seperate videos, which I will join together.

Last week was jam-packed as I started doing deliveries to boost up my income. I only did a few hours over the

week but I earned $160+ before tax and super. It’s not the best pay ever and all the running around and talking to people stresses me out a bit but it is worth doing at the moment to I can get ahead with my finances. Thankfully a while ago my mum lent me some money to pay off my credit card which had become a major nightmare after having changed jobs for my mental heath. Which has been amazing in giving me the space to sort out my money and once I pay her back I will be debt free! which will feel so good. I’ve also found some amazing financial podcasts and books that gave me the information I was missing.


You might be wondering what this has to do with beads, well they are kinda expensive and it means that once I have paid for my expensive car part and then payed mum back I can set that money aside just for beads as much of the extra delivery money after tax and super is going towards that and to buffing up my bill paying account (which I have been trying to do for ever but it keeps getting drained) so that I don’t have to take money from other places to pay bills. And I have been putting extra money aside on week when I have extra into my art account.


Ok enough about money.

So I went to a workshop on writing about your art on Saturday, where I met some lovely ladies and learnt a few tricks about how to write about my art. It was really good except for one part where we moved to a second instillation to practice writing about art which was a chaotic noise thing which was horrible. It gave me a headache and made me queasy and another lady had to leave the room. People more sensitive to noise then I am would not have been able to stay in the room but everyone else seemed to think it was grate. I mentioned that it was a rather ableist piece given that people sensitive to sound would not be-able to be in the room with it but that was ignored.

Which did make me wonder if the acknowledgement of the first nations people was just a bunch of BS virtue signalling. I hope not but as much as I like the art-space it needs to work on being more inclusive. Many of the artworks it displays in the main gallery tend to be conceptual who-har that leave most residences of Mackay feeling like they don’t belong in the art world or that art is a bunch of BS and a waist of time and money. This is especially true of the older residents who are down to earth farmers or workers who come in wanting to see what it is all about. The entry all on the other hand often has wonderful art that is skilfully made and who’s concepts are clear to see in the artworks them selves if they have a concept. The quilt and the glass work in the photos above are examples of some of the better entry hall art.

Also on the weekend my aunt and uncle came up from Brisbane Saturday night for a birthday party and we spent Sunday fixing my aunty Joan’s townhouse (because the builder she hired was an incompetent git) ready for my brother and brother-in-law to move in. hum other than that I have to work early on Wednesdays which is a pain though it tends to push my pay up to $600 a week which is fantastic, though I still hope my boss can find someone for the job so I can go back to normal shifts on Wednesday. Oh and I am missing just one HP card for my collection of course it is the Ron that you have to get from Coles express with banana bread and I started a second collection for my nephews as my friend shops from wollies and am only missing 11 cards from it.

Well, I had better get cracking on that video tutorial before I have to get ready for work and I will try to write my next blog post on Sunday or Monday. I’ve got another busy weekend ahead but that just means I will have things to write about.

Oh and Monday night at a building I clean I was taking some large rubbish bags downstairs when I heard clinking. Turned around and there were coins and a USB stick on the stairs that had fallen out of a tear in the bag. So when I got downstairs I went through the bags (with gloves on of course) and pulled out several more coins and several cans (worth 10c each) and washed them all off before chucking the rest in the bin out side. Some of these office people are so waist full, they chuck out brand new office supplies, new wine glasses (I assume they had been gifted to them by another company) and all sorts of perfectly good stuff I even saw a whole pack of smokes still in the plastic wrapping in one bin and they are like $50 a pack or something. Things they could have given to other people or even sold on FB for a few dollars. I mean you can’t sell the smokes but the other brand new things you could have.

anyway catch you later Lou.

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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