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Well, it has been an interesting week, that has gone by way too fast. I can’t believe it is already Sunday evening but then again it is almost Oct as well.

So I got this awesome dodecahedron earring order and I love them, they will be heading off to Austria tomorrow as a gift for a lady who collects earrings!

And one very kind lady offered to send me some beads after I relied to a tweet (what is your dream for yourself) with a photo of several of my empty bead containers and that I dream of having full ones to work with. The bigger dream is to have

enough money and income to be able to buy what I need when I need it. Some people are truly angels.

Progress on the WIP is done for the moment, I did finish it and it is strange and staying on the desk for further thought.

I did spend a few days making fringe earrings and now have too many earrings for my earring displays. It was going to be too expensive to buy a big enough one so I brought a picture frame, spray painted it and will staple wire across the back to hang earrings from.

here is a photo of the back of it. I couldn’t get the metal tags out but will just press them against the frame out of the way. And bonus I managed to buy a secondhand frame that could stand up by its self. It is a decent size so I am happy with it but even from the op shop it wasn’t super cheap. Still I saved a fair chunk of money by making a DIY earring stand and it will be one of a kind. Maybe I should get some more frames and sell earring displays? Only if people ask otherwise it would be a wasted effort and money as I don’t make that* many earrings lol.

I found some of my old photos from about 2008 – 2015. not many of them but some I had thought were lost forever after my mum accidentally spilt wine on my back up hard drive and her husband for some reason downloaded movies onto my lap top (without asking) and wrecked it a few days later. The A*hole. Apparently I had some saved in google photos. Some of which are on my current phone but a number of them are not.

This one of the croc was from a reptile park down south, I actually gave them a copy of the photos I took there and I hope they managed to get some use out of them.

For several years I was seriously considering photography as a profession but people kept asking me to take photos at their weddings and would keep asking after I said no so eventually I was put off and then I changed from glasses to contacts and for some reason couldn’t get the view finder to get just the right focus. So I gave it up as a hobby. By that time cameras did have viewing screens but its not the same and while I could take it up again as a hobby there are so many photographers other there that it seems a little pointless.

Some of my earliest beadwork was on barbie doll clothes, it was kinda cool if a bit painful. It was good to find the photos of them though to see how much my beadwork has changed. I am super grateful to have found the 3d beadwork movement and all the incredible things I’ve been inspired by and been able to dream up and make myself.

Anyway, I should actually get some beadwork done so I shall catch you later.


Published by Louise

Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

2 thoughts on “Custom Order

  1. Louise, did you take any more photos for those dodecahedron earrings because I am curious and would like to see them better? I found Contemporary Geometric Beadwork two years ago and everything is new to me, I only know basic shapes like the triangle and now the pentagon thanks to you and your global project. Ana Cravidao

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    1. Yes I have some more photos and I made a pair for myself so I can post them up for you. They are made with small pentagons and I had to print out a paper net to see how the colours would work as Thomas (who ordered them for his wife) picked out the colourful pentagon with the five colours and gold corners that he liked from the international patchwork sculpture.
      I love Contemporary Geometric Beadwork they are amazing. Louise


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