Seed Beads First Solo Exhibition

Jubilee Community Centre

Hey, it has been a little while since I have written a blog post so I am going to catch up with all the updates now. My first solo exhibition went well, it had coverage in two local newspapers and both the Mayor of Mackay and our Member for parliament tuned up for the opening night. Unfortunately, the canvases didn’t turn up in time but the lovely team a the Jubilee Community Centre found out that they had turned up they offered to hang them up for me for the last few days.

Glass print of Green Thing Beadwork Sculpture

I did also buy an amazing glass print that brings out the colour of the beads really well.

I’m thinking about offering to sell prints and canvases but will have to look into it, however you can find digital prints online now on my buy me a coffee profile and in my etsy store.

Canvas print of beadwork sculptures

I might also do an art calendar next year (for 2024) if I get enough interest in it. Business is not my passion but to keep creating sculptures I’m going to have to work at getting it functional as a business.

I do have some Christmas orders and will hopefully get a few more this month.

And some lovely people have donated some money and beads to help me keep creating which is beyond amazing.


Mum was away for the start of my exhibition but on the second weekend she came with me to open up and we crafted in between visitors. She was making a pair of shorts for a friend and I was working on my tower project.

One of the ladies from the art department came over to tell me how impressed they all were and how many people came in during the week to see the exhibition which was great.

dress collection of seed beads exhibition during set up

I took a few photos when I was setting up but forgot to take good ones when it was all set up without the wires on the walls. Some times I am completely hopeless.

I did take a video after it was set up so I will try to upload it onto my facebook page.

Daily Mercury Newspaper clipping

I will write another post for the non-exhibition updates but I’ll add some more images to this one so keep scrolling.

Mackay and Whitsundays Life Newspaper clipping
Julieanne Gilbert MP Member for Mackay, Louise Cater and, Mayor Greg Williams

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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