Last day of the year

It sure has been an interesting year, with some ups and downs. And it went fast. Hopefully, there will be more ups next year and fewer downs. Here is a recap of 2022.

This year I managed to make and finish a 3D Cross and the small threads collection in January.

In Feb I made three miniature dresses and a flower ball. I started beading on a jar that I have yet to Finnish and made the second flower ball.

In March I started my golden scarf, made a mini jar of stars and do some experiments in CRAW.

In April I made the tours link inspired by Yana of Geometiles who designed the one out of her amazing tiles.And I did some more experimenting in CRAW and with 2d peyote shapes. The mini monster was started.

It continued on into May, when I also moved house and could set up my new studio.

And the mini monster continued again into June. I designed and made some small vases, before finally finishing the mini monster. And then it was onto the Sunflower Wheel and experiments with bubble tea. It was June when I started

designing and working on pentagons for the International Patchwork project. I also started an augmented iocsdodechaedron but ran out of beads to finish it ( and brought the wrong ones when I finally did buy beads). I also started making lots of earrings to sell.

July saw the start of my small jellyfish collection, with the first 2 being made. There were more earrings and pentagons. I also designed a little bead flip picture book and crayon as a gift. And I made my read beadwork scarf.

In August I made a box, ring holder and 2

Vases worked some more on my golden scarf, made some flowers and more shapes.

In September I started beading on a glass bottle that mum broke and made two more mini dresses, both gold. And I made a pair of earrings for a custom order.

In October I made the little night sky star gazer, Had my first exhibition and was in 2 newspapers. I also made 2 more mini dresses and a bracelet. I stared working on my tower again managing to finish the base and first row of the wall.

And November I continued to work on the tower. Experimented with some beads I was given, received the first of the pentagons for the project and made a number of stars and baubles.

And December I finished my orders with a jellyfish and started another one but ran out of beads.

And I started a mock-up for the International patchwork project with squares, to see what the style will look like and if I wanted to go with black for the join rows.

It didn’t seem like much but going through the photos for a recap it has been a fair amount. still, I hope to get more done next year.

I am actually going to write another post to catch up on the Christmas things I couldn’t post before as this was longer than expected.


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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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