INTERNATIONAL BEADING WEEK 25TH JULY – 2ND AUGUST Well international beading week might be over but this year you have until the 1st of October to get submissions in the post, so there is still time to get cracking. Ok what it is all about for those who like me didn’t know. International beading weekContinue reading “The BLACK & WHITE TOGETHER PROJECT”

Theft, Copyright and Inspiration

The Invisible Line A large issue in our community of beadweavers is theft, copyright & inspiration and where exactly the line is drawn. It is a complicated issued that quickly gets tempers flaring and has been exabated by todays climate of entitlement and our easy access images on the internet. And then there are differentContinue reading “Theft, Copyright and Inspiration”

Beadweaving in the modern age.

These days there are many types of beadwork, beading stitches & techniques ranging from ancient embroidery and peyote stitch right up to CRAW – cubic right angle weave. And beadwork can be done in flat 2d, raised 2d or even 3d. And then there are the beads. Today there is an abundance of different typesContinue reading “Beadweaving in the modern age.”