Glass, Glass Baby

Baubles by me, Glass by Grace of Azure Glass
Beadwork and Glass designed by me.

Well here are the promised photos of my glass work from Azure Glass and the two long platter dishes mum ordered for my birthday next month. I love them so much and am going to have to make two sets of baubles just to display them with. I’m so glad that Grace though of adding the metallic layer to the black glass as it is epic. Unfortunately my photos do not do it justice but I will be taking them to my next pro photo shoot. I really love how the beadwork is reflected in the black stripe and feel like I need to invest in one or two solid black plates to diplay some of my work on.

Baubles by me, Glass work by Grace of Azure Glass
Beadwork and Glasswork by me

There is something really satisfying about working with glass in any form and seeing different forms of glass work displayed together.

I clearly am also attracted to clean lines and bold colours just as much as I like highly detailed art. Let’s be honest here I just really love anything shiny and colourful.

You should have seen some of the amazing glass work Grace is working on at the minute. I should have snapped a few shots but you can check some of it out on her facebook and instagram pages and keep an eye out for the mackay tourism awards for more of her stunning work.

Baubles by me, Glasswork by Grace of Azure Glass

I really am going to have trouble waiting to get pro photos take of all my glass work and beadwork together, so you can see just how stunning it really is. Lou.

Sunday Funday AWC

Dreamcatcher class by Leah Tranter, Bugged Textiles

Ok so Mum and I have been going to these art workshops for the last few weeks, We’ve made dreamcatchers and mini glass pineapple plates and today was water colours. The class this week will be making animals with fondant.

It’s a lot of fun so if your in Mackay and have some time to kill on a Sunday then you should check out the Awc classes available on the website listed below. We’ve been to a breakfast class and a lunch class and there are also afternoon classes currently available. Next week we are going to the Sugar Skull glass class.

Glass Class by Grace McDonald, Azure Glass

Here are the cute mini pineapple plates mum and I made the other week, mine is on the left with no slump and mum’s in on the right. We’ve done a few classes with Grace from Azure Glass and have some fantastic creations to show for it. It is also fun seeing some of the amazing creations other people have made in Grace’s studio. Mum has ordered some custom plates for my birthday gift, that will look stunning holding some of my baubles. Ok I might be rather obsessed with beading and how everything can be used for beading lol. Anyway I promise to show you photos of the sugar skull and of my plates when I get them.

Water colour class by Douglas Lenton of Dougs Art Pieces

And this is my card from Dougs’ watercolour class. My friend Penny and I had a lot of fun with the other ladies who were in our class. It’s not bad for a first attempt and every card turned out so different. Putting on the tape around the edges and pulling off was also oddly satisfying. Penny had a little trouble with the imperfect nature of water colours but I ended up just rolling with it and am happy with how my card turned out. Water colours might not be my medium of choice but I think its good way to create without over thinking too much.

And the food was amazing! D’ sure knows how pick out the best fruit.

Schnitty in a box AWC class lunch

I mean really how good dose this feed look? and it tasted even better.

me working on my card

And well here is a photo of me working on my watercolour card. It really was such a great day and for a class that includes food, wine and bubbly it was also a fantastic price.


Getting things done.

my over crowded display case.

Ok I know I say this a lot but I have been so busy. A good busy though, this week mum, kea and I did a big spring clean, I’ve been updating all my passwords, making sure they are all strong and unique. Kea helped me link accounts to make it easer for people to buy my handmade items. I got my first covid vaccination and dad also got his. My tax is done. I have a checklist of ticked off items and best of all I applied for an exhibition late next year and I was accepted! YAY!

I’ve even made a list of what I will need to sort out for the exhibition. I’m a woman on a mission.

In the top photo is my mini pineapple plate from the first AWC class at Snitty in a box along with a random selection of my beadwork in my display case. I’ll be posting about the AWC classes on Sunday afternoon after the latest class which will be watercolours. If your in mackay and are looking for something interesting to do on Sunday then check out the AWC page below.

Last week my Aunt and Uncle were in the area so I spent time catching up with them and am now drinking tiny Piccolo lattes as a compromise in reducing the amount of milk I drink. They are much better than drinking black coffee.

Black and White Vase

I’ve also been getting beadwork done if a little slower than usual. I completed my first vase but didn’t have time to do a decent post before. I’ve been working on adding more detailed designs into my portfolio, though I will still continue to create work focusing on form and colour as its really my first love. I will also be working on some different things for my exhibition next year which I’ll continue to update you on over the next year as I prepare for it. And I’ve printed of an application for my local Artspace for 2024-2025 program so keep your fingers crossed for me.


Hum What else? Well next week is school holidays so I’ll have less hours at work so I plan to make use of that extra time to get more beadwork done. I’ve also been working on some Christmas orders and making baubles to use as examples and to sell come Christmas.

Well I want to get some more beadwork done before I head off to work so I’ll it at that.


Black and White together Project 2020

Photo with permission from the Black and White Together Project FB Page. WIP shot

Ok so I may have mentioned this project several times before but I really wanted to do a post about it now that the project is coming along. Over 250 people have sent in warped squares from 20 countries around the world. The project is in honor of African American bead artist Joyce Scott and will incorporate over 3000 components.

Photo with permission from the Black and White Together Project FB Page. WIP shot with Prof. Sam Norgard

Here is a photo of the project and it’s team leader Prof. Sam Norgard, ambassador for IBW – International Beading Week, held by the International Beadworks Guild. The team putting all the warped squares together did a call out for more black warped squares so I managed to make some more for the project and sent them on their way to America where the project is being put together.

The IBW is such a great innovate and is such a fantastic way to bring the beading community together, while creating such fantastic collaborations . This year’s is All colors.

It has been amazing watching the project coming together and being apart of an international project.

For more about the project you can visit:

All the best Lou.

Orange Thing

Hey there I’m a little on the late side this week, but am getting my post in. The orange thing is done and has a new name thanks to instagram. It was a hard choice with Burning barnacle by @808kolia being my fave choice and close behind where long and winding road by @karensamnorgard
Penty McOrange by @peggythrasherbaskets

But for practical reasons I’ve decided to go with

‘extended dodecahedron’ by @chepbrooks. So the Green Thing also has a new name though I think the Green Thing and Burning Barnacle have kinda stuck in my mind so they shall be the unofficial names.

A part of the reason I am posting late this week is because a large chunk of the fam went up to Airlie Beach for my cousin Paul’s birthday and eight of us camped out in an air bnb with this lovely view. I’m not a fan of Airlie beach as there is not much to do and it is very touristy but it was a nice family get together.

This post is coming along slowly as Millie is drooling all over me after me being away overnight though I am sure aunty Toni spoiled her and the other two.

Ok So on the left is a photo of most of the starters that I have used to start some of my bead work on. I really only use them for larger things as they help keep tension when starting a project and also on the really large works they help you keep count. Anyway I’ve labeled them in the photo so you know which ones are which.
there is a basic starter strip I made my self which is the red/yellow and blue/green one, that also acts as a counter and is great to use when starting the miniature dresses. Then there is is CGB spine, the CGB Pod Cast Beads (which the spine was made off) and some basic shapes By Diane Fitzgerald which I make the parts for the Burning Barnacle and Green Thing off. if you look closely you can see that I’ve started a green triangle on the triangle starter if you want to learn how to use starters than you should check out the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork blog for the Pod Cast Bead and for deconstructed sets, and also videos on youtube. Diane’s basic shapes pattern is available on her Etsy page. I figured as I’ve been using a few starters lately I’d tell you a bit about them.

The big starter is for this bad boy, it is going to be a vase and while this section was not made on a starter as it is the base, I did have to make a starter the same size as the base. I shall be designing other projects specifically to re use the starter as it too ages to make. which should not have been a surprise as it is almost the size of my palm. As you can see I am working on adding in more patterns and details into some of my work, and will try to do a ‘Proper’ ugly sweater design something in the near future. though I do like my ugly sweater inspired vase. Maybe I’ll make a star with an ugly sweater on it for Kea…

other than that I’ve been making more warped squares for the Black and White project as there was a call out for some more, I did send off an email asking if I could host a international bead work project next year with the international bead workers guild so we shall see. And I’ve been working on the top of the purple dress and can’t say I’m happy with it at the moment so I’ll update you with how its going next week, hopefully by then I’ll like it.

’till next time

Lou and Millie

A number of projects…

Hello to all my followers. I can’t say that I had expected many people to be interested in my beadwork journey but there are now 56 of you and I am so grateful that you are interested in my small creations. Well anyway since my last post I have been up to a few things including pattern and coloured small baubles to use as examples and to sell later this year. Two new miniature dresses, both still a work in progress, an Orange thing sculpture to go with the Green thing, and also I’ve designed a beadwork vase which I will hopefully make this week end.

Here is one of the dresses in progress with the Green thing mostly hidden behind it. I have yet to decide to make the top seperate from the skirt or to just do a full dress. At any rate I think I will make some jewellery to go over the skirt and back of the dress like I have seen in some period dramas, as I think that will look amazing and break up the color a little but not too much. The other dress will be a modern style in green.

My vase will be black and white and will be the most patterned thing I’ve designed to date. I love minimalist design but I also need

to expand into creating more intricate and skilled designs. I was also good a concepts in high school and really need to work on brining more detailed concepts into my work and not just rely on broad ones. As much as I love my beadwork to date it needs more symbolism and a touch more humanity to make it more relatable to a larger audience.

Other than that I’ve been busy with work, parents and days for girls and playing munzee, to get me out of the house and walking about.

I’ve also been reading a lot as usual and have so far read 232 books of my 365 goal for the year. Two books ahead of schedule. And I’ve also found a game called two dots which is hard to put down.

In the next few weeks you should see the Orange thing finished and maybe another sculpture in the series started, the two dresses finished, the vase and some more work from other designs as I need to keep working through the patterns I have brought and have yet to start. I’ll also have more Christmas stuff underway, not all of it baubles.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I really am greatful.


Little black dress

This little black dress has been sitting on my desk now for some time waiting to be finished and yesterday it got done. Sometimes even if you don’t know where you are going with something you just need to pick a direction and run with it. I’m happy with how this little experiment has turned out and I’ll have to finish the skirt that is still sitting on my desk. but not today as I have a few other things to do.

Like continuing on with my Christmas prep. I had come up with these designs some time ago and loved them but had only made four small baubles and really left it at that. But now I’m making them in a few colours, red and silver are next along with some purple and even green. I really want to have baubles on hand for Christmas but also I want to have visual examples for people can order, to make it easer for them to tell me what they want from a custom order. Hopefully I can get pro photos of them before they find new homes.

I’ve also been working on an addition to my shapes series. This one was inspired by an easter egg inspired shape from @geomettiles on instagram although my beadwork did not come out with the nice crisp shapes and lines as the angles don’t work well in beadwork. At least not in this style. Still its with the collection as it dose hold it’s shape well enough and is interesting with how the shape bows.

Talking about my shapes series I’ve been thinking about applying to hold an international bead-weaving event next year like the black and white project, only in the colours of the beadworkers Guild. I was

thinking that if other beadworks are interested we could make a bunch of coloured shapes, open and solid and then I could weave them together into a colourful shapes collection from all over the world. I’ve had a lot of interest in the collection and a number of people who have said that they could never make some of the shapes so I thought it would be awesome if they could at least take part in making them. I’ll have to think about it some more and ask to see what the interest level for the project is as it would take thousands of parts to make the kind of large shapes I’m thinking of. Well we shall see.

Anyway here is a progress shot of the little black dress. It is a two piece as the pinafore is not actually attached to the little black dress beneath, it is just sitting on top and held in place by how tight the fit is. I did make some small mistakes which were good to learn from and unfortunately if any one looks too closely at the front they will find there is a bead missing as it somehow broke and fell off and is in a place that is too risky to try fixing it. In saying that though I am very happy with how it turned out.

Well I have work in two hours so I had better get back to beading.

Some days are too eventful.

Well today I went to check out the new exhibition at the Artspace, and found this awesome local exhibition by Tracey Robb a Mackay local. She dose some fancy crochet work. In the large gallery they had a First Nations exhibition that will all the dots and stripes reminded me of patterns in beadwork so that was also cool. I picked up some small postcards and a lovely pin.

Unfortunately when I got out of the Artspace I looked at the back of my car and was like WTF where is my number plate? look at the front of my car also no number plate.
Now they were there before I left home so had to have been stolen in Wood street, while I was catching up with my aunt and as I had approached my car from the side had not noticed the missing plates. Unfortunately I had parked out of the camera zone so it is unlikely that they will find the bugger who stole them. I called my aunt and she came to pick me up and we went to the police station to talk to an officer as I had questions and we also filed a report while I was there. The police officer was helpful but being the weekend I can’t do anything about not having plates until Monday and will more than likely have to pay for replacements on top of that.

Ok now let’s talk about something that dose not make me upset. I’m currently working on this small monster to add to my shapes series as I needed to work on something easy and making the triangles is super easy. I plan to finish a dress after this and then continue on with the fairy garland.

Yesterday was a computer day though today is kind of one as well. Anyway I ordered business cards with my details on them to hand out when people ask as both my parents have been on me about it. The cards should turn up next week.

Also I ended up getting a small art portfolio and spent most of yesterday organising to print pages off for it. The printing was ready to day and while the clarity is great all but one page has streaks through it. They are not super bad and I can still use all the pages thankfully but as I paid for the printing I’m not super happy that it’s streaky. I also noticed all the pages were streaked in the same spots so maybe they need to take a look at their printer. Oh well I’ll have to get my printing done somewhere else next time.

The Coffee and Hops photos look fab.

In more none beading news I actually went for a walk this morning, playing Munzee in the park near my house and then around the city centre for a few mins as I turned up early for lunch. I also found some cool street art in two alley ways. there was some really cool stuff which I will probs add to my insta story in the next 24h.

Oh and the other reason yesterday was a computer day is because I got an email saying that I’ve been accepted as a member of the Mackay Creatives Hub! yay. So I set up my profile and gallery with them.

You can click on the link and check out the hub’s page and the other artist and art groups that are apart of the group. I kinda feel like I should have started with this but can’t be bothered re writing my blog now.

Hope you’re having a better day than me. Lou.

Illuminate 2021

ok so since my last post I have practically done next to no bead-weaving, its a shock I know but to take the photos for my last post I had to clean up my desk so that I would have enough space and I might have gone on a bit of an organising rampage in my studio/bedroom. And as I have a lot of stuff crammed into one room things had gotten a little out of hand. There was a lot of dust and I took no preventive measures so got sick.

UGH. anyway other than going to work I’ve been taking it easy and other than some gunk that refuses to move off my lungs I’m feeling much better. The moral of the story is not do a spring clean in winter and wear a dust mask.

Any who yesterday was a huge day out with pre booked events, one of which was the illuminate event. We’ve been to previous ones before and there are always cool things to look at.

Usually it’s been held at the botanic gardens but this year it was spread out along the Bluewater trial along the river front. I think maybe the idea was that if it were spread out then it would be more covid safe or something and although it was a free event you had to get tickets for a time and a night in advance. I picked 6pm as its usually dark in winter but it didn’t quite get there last night. We were really disappointed by how crowed it was, there was hardly room to move and getting pictures without other people in them was an unwelcome challenge. It was not covid safe at all so I really hope Mackay’s luck has held.

There were as I have said some cool things to look at but on the whole it was much of the same from the other years and apart from the dancing man at the end lacked anything really exciting.

So between that all the push parents, the over crowdedness and the massive safety hazard of crowed of people crossing busy roads where Mackay drivers speed about (how they managed to get insurance considering is beyond me, let alone how they paid for it) it was a bit of a flop for anyone who didn’t have kids. I think it took us less than half an hour to view the whole thing.

Which is a shame because it is such a good idea, and the other years that we went were worth while, this year was just let down by the details and well as having not much art. That and having too many people crowed in. I had though that the time allotments and tickets would have gotten rid of the unfortunate crowding issue and though I understand they want to get as many people in to see the beautiful art work it was a massive detractor. May of the art works we couldn’t get close enough to get a good look at and while some were interactive, even the ones that weren’t had people surround them.

Hopefully it will be held again next year, with less crowding and maybe some children free time slots as not all of us have children and while it is a great even for them it would be nice to be able to view the art with out random kids getting photos with it. Really they would only need one or two child free slots as the majority of people did have kids from what I could see. It would also be good if they picked a safer, road crossing free environment. Hopefully they start planing it now and will have heaps of exciting things for next year and maybe some of the art work will be social distancing so people can actually see them. Some performance art would have been a fantastic addition to the event.

Other than that I spent most of yesterday at Azure glass with mum. I designed this massive square to use in some of my photos of my bead work though I think Grace the lady to runs Azure glass might have struggled a little with my lack of artistic flare. Though give that it was an all day class and cost a fair chunk of money she might have been worried that I wouldn’t be satisfied with my one rather boring piece. She needed have worried I love it and did add some extra thin lines to spice it up a bit. I think it will look super cool in photos and i can have it with the light shining through the clear parts or I can put something behind it to add more colour. I also mad a stripe coster with the left over green, orange and clear glass. Mum was more adventurous with hers and made a sandwich tray, with lots of different blue rectangles that kinda looked like a city sky line all around the edges and another one with some daisies on a background of chunks of clear glass so it will have a lot of texture. I’ll post some pictures in a couple of weeks when they are done.


Well my first full week at my new job went well though it was a busy week as usual. I’ve been working on my Silver spike creation and have finished the second layer after a few hiccups. My computer also had a hiss fit and would not let me airdrop photos las week so I had no photos to do a post with when I had time last week.

Ok so about my lates project has currently used about 9,057 beads, 12 metal skewers a lot of thread and one set of lights. its all in size 11 delica beads and is so far made with three shades of silver.

I’m not super happy with how the lights turned out but that is something I’ll have to work on the next time I use lights in a sculpture. The first and second layer are not joined in any way, nor are the spike actually attached to anything, I just sloted them into place and folding over the second layer pulled them mostly into place. The third layer should tighten up their placement even more hopefully. It is roughly 16 inches tall and 16 inches wide so it is already my biggest sculpture to-date if not the one with the most beads yet.

My cousin Kea and I went on an adventure yesterday to find the six giant

Gouldian Finches that are currently hanging out around Mackay’s city centre. My fave one was on the Artspace roof as it was so close and was peering down at us. They were previously installed across Queensland’s capital city as Messengers of Brisbane, and were created by internationally renowned artist Florentijn Hofman.

Each finch had slightly different colouring and some were near other artworks along the blue water trail. I’ve also seen some of them at night as they are set up with lights but my phone is not that great at photos.

This other one was at the Bluewater lagoon and was close to the one at Canelands as well. it was also fairly close to the ground so easy to get a decent photo of.

I also ended up tidying up my room with the help of moveable trolly tray organisers and while my room still need a little work it is so much better than it was. There is also some workshops at the moment making birds from recycled plastic for a large installation which I will try to take part in maybe this week or next week, as it seems like fun.

I don’t share a lot of photos of me actually beading as it really takes both hands and a fair amount of concentration but I felt the need to capture working on this on so you could see just how tricky it was. I had holes in my shirt from where the skews poked through, lucky I picked a shirt with a loss weave so that I could smooth out the holes. Kea pointed out that it was probs a good thing that I wear glasses or I could have ended up poking my eye out. I don’t know whats going on with my eyes but to be fair this was late at night or after a late night.

I did pull it apart at one stage to fix the spikes as I had joined them together with zip ties but they were difficult to get in place and I was worried about breaking something trying to move them so ended up pulling it a part and taking the zip ties off so that things went more smoothly. Thankfully it didn’t take much of an opening to get it done and was easy enough to stitch back together. Though one of the spikes had moved out of place when I was stitching it back together so I also had to cut open the second layer and fix that as well, before adding in the final parts of the second layer.

I also started adding to my tower base again and I fell like I was faster than I was before but it is still going to be an in between projects job because it is very time consuming still. I think I’ll be working on the fairy garland after writing today and then I’ll work on finishing the two original design dresses I’ve started and had sitting around for months.

Hum other than that I don’t really know but I will try very hard to get out another post this week to make up for the lack of a post last week.

Here is a photo of Millie pretending to be. a meek lap cat and not the monster who has been tearing up the house of late and bullying the other cats. Oh well some times she’s sweet.