Hello 2022

Well its been an interesting two weeks to say the least. Despite my intention to not bead for two weeks I ended up beading again in the first week, but I did take time to read physical books I had been leant so that is something at least. My Fuchsia cube just has the final layer to go but unfortunately it will have to wait until I have ordered more beads as I’ve run out of the colour I was using for that layer.

This was the sad sight I had when I was putting the last pink beads I had into the sculpture.

Thankful the next sculpture I am working on now will just have enough beads to get the last four bars done and I have more than enough to add the final layer on. I’ll post work in progress photos of it later after it has been gifted as I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But I have to say I am excited about it as it is coming up nicely.

I’ve also been experimenting.

With several complex projects in mind I’ve been experimenting to see how to make them possible. I’ll also be learning new techniques this year so my work will become more varied. hopefully. But I will still be adding to my current collections as well. And there is of course the few projects I’ve started and that need to be finished, they are also on my do do list this year.

Well that is it for now but I’ll write another post with my plans and goals for the year in more detail next week.


All the stars from the night sky…

Ok I have a thing for stars and lights. And star lights. So for the last few days I’ve been working on these mini stars that cover small fairy lights. It’s a lot of work, as two parts of each star have to be made around the wires and there are 40 stars all up, for a total of 200 parts. I was just , moving the wire along as I went and this other unfinished sculpture happened to be a good place to drape what had been done as I worked on the rest.

I finished the last star tonight and now only have seven more open baubles to go for my plan.

So if you follow me on instagram or twitter then keep an eye out in a few days for a fun reel.

Speaking of reels I finally made one I had been meaning to do for ages and it has been doing ok. It’s been watched 3942 times, liked 155 times, has 8 comments, 7 messages and 9 saves. Not record breaking or anything but not bad for a cute little reel. Esp as I havn’t been on insta much the last few weeks. I’ve been struggling a bit with trying to get everything done.

My awesome aunt/landlady put my display cabinet together for me today, with some help from me and not so much help from Millie. Millie and I did have fun playing with the paper though. I brought this cabinet ages ago and it just never got made but we will be having a guest in the spare bed room for a while so there was a little bit of reorganisation/cleaning going on these last two days. We will also have another cat there will most likely be more cat photos.

I have to say that this photo of the cabinet is not the best one I took but IDK I felt the need to share how random our house is. And FYI the deer like the cats, came with living in the house. It’s just there. And as we already have other things around the place this cabinet went where there was room. It’s right outside my bedroom/studio door so it works out just fine. The water cooler was a gift from mum, as having moved in with the boys they didn’t need two. We use it all the time and it’s great, the only thing though is that using it all the time means we need to fill it up all the time.

I also made a light up tree topper for my golden set and I am going to leave it how it is, but next time I think I will need to use a wire with more lights as I don’t like how uneven it is despite my best efforts.

Hum other than that, I can’t recall if I mention that I closed my shopify as it was expensive and none of my sales were coming through it. Also it’s not really set up for custom orders.

I’ll try to do another post before Christmas and then I’ll be off the blog for two weeks as I need a break from things/need to get organised for next year. I started on my calendar today and it is now full of colour and has some important dates marked in.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and hopefully everybody makes it through the new year safe and healthy despite the pandemic.


Star Parts


Well the year is almost over, there is basically just three weeks to go. I’ve got all my orders done to-date and am now working on a set for my own Christmas tree which will be included in my exhibition next year. I will start posting a monthly update on it next year, as I have a few things I want to achieve for the exhibition.

I’m saving up to apply for funding as you need $350 to join the platform that host Smarty Grants. It’s kinda stupid that you need money to ask for money but any who, I’m almost there and will hopeful be able to get a grant next year to help with the exhibition costs, such as pro photos, an exhibition brochure, canvases for the walls and such. Grabbing a spare jar we had has helped a lot to save the money up as otherwise it would just end up going in the bank and being spent on bills and whatnot.

Hopefully next week I’ll have a decent set finished on my tree and will put a reel up on insta.

Last week Joan and I helped mum peel mangos for mango chutney, which I have to tell you is a shit of a job, but it is so worth it as mum’s mango chutney is so good that dad even helps by getting the mangos for mum and gets a jar or two in return. (they don’t like each other) I don’t really like the insanity that is the Christmas month but I do love mango chutney and custard (not together 😂). Mum’s egg custard and the Paul’s brand brandy custard with a small slice of plum pudding, is heaven.

Mum and I also helped Joan move schools on Monday as moving schools is a big job for teachers as they have lots of their own books, toys and teaching aids to move. A lot of teachers will stay at the one school for this very reason.
I recently thanked one of my old teachers aids with a card and didn’t think much about it but she reached out via my aunt and sent me a card letting me know how much it meant to hear back from a former student so if you ever have a chance to thank a teacher or aid then take it as it will make their day.

We also had our Day’s For Girls break up on Saturday and exchanged gifts. I got this cute little puzzle. We also got a hand made heart ornament each, that says thank you. Mine broke on the way home but I’ve glued it back together and will be painting it so I’ll post photos of it in another post.

Hum other than that I’ll be taking the last week of this year and the first week of next year off from the blog, so only two more weeks for this year. The last week will be dedicated to planning for next year.

I found a new site to oder beads from and placed a small order, and found that it will be a good site for smaller orders although there are several things that I won’t be able to buy from it and will have to get from the old site, but it is good to have a second source to buy from at any rate, and I like being able to change the price from USD to AUD so I can compare in USD but see what I am paying in AUD upfront. It’s really handy.

Well I’ll write again soon, Louise

Post 101!

Hey Its been a little while as I’ve been working on Christmas orders; almost finished the current lot and will hopefully have more red beads this week. I’ve also been catching up with family and friends. And then I had some tech difficulties in trying to post but have it sorted now and am writing this post first thing as I drink my first coffee of the day.

So next year I am going to try being more consistent with my posting and to help with this I might do posts about past projects that I haven’t shared on here, and

Aunty Toni, Dad, Kea

post about the history of beading, stitches and whatnot.

Dad came into town to drop in mangos for mum so she can make mango chutney and ended up helping aunty Toni get rid of the weeds. The big bush next to dad is Rosemary which managed to survive. Kea and I also help a bit.

Mum and Aunty Joan

Mum, Joan, Kea and I went to a charity paint and sip to raise money for Our Superhero Boys and hosted by Michelle mdv a local artist. I got into more than I thought I would and got frustrated by my lack of skills, its been so long since I have painted. And as much as I’d like to take it up now I don’t want to fork over the money to get the paints and everything I’d need. Oh well maybe later next year. I did mine with a pink background then figured it would have looked better with a yellow background so I spend a few hours redoing it on the ipad.

I’ve signed up for two mystery beadalongs for next week, so we shall see how they go and I’ll be continuing to make a set for my own tree and display, as well as continuing to make example baubles and stars. Um other than that I went to a high tea/b’day party on the weekend and days for girls. Oh and work of course. I’ll try to post again later this week. Got to go dad has turned up, bye.

Suddenly November!

This year is flying by way to fast, it feels like it only just started but now is almost over. Still I am a head on this years Goodreads, reading challenge with 325 of 365 books. I am keen to hit 365 and will be super happy if I knock off a couple more.

I’ve gotten a few Christmas orders this week but not enough to justify buying more beads unfortunately so it will most likely have to wait until the new year some time. Oh well I’ll just have to keep cracking on with what I have available. Although there is still enough time for more orders so maybe.

This morning I finished a personal star for myself, as I need some examples of personalised starts and thought what the hey, I am going to make some for my own Christmas tree because why not. And as an added bonus it will mean I always have some examples on hand.

I’ve all so made a small price list for facebook and am making up a rough visual chart of bauble/star types and patterns, to make it easer for people to pick what they like. I’ll have to do up a colour combination one as well as it would be super handy.
Millie was watching me type and is wondering where the pray is. lol.

On Saturdays at the back of Days for Girls there has been this curlew and it’s chick. I didn’t want to get to close and scare them so its not the best photo.

We celebrated the birthday of Days for Girls and Skyped with another branch so that we could celebrate together, which was cool and aunty Joan cut the cake. I also had taken home some ‘homework’ and did it at the last minute on Friday night.

For some reason this morning I thought it was Monday 😂.

I have no idea why but I am glad it is not. Tomorrow is already too soon for the weekend to be over.

Ok here is one side of the fuchsia square done. I just have to finish adding the last layer on this side, which will stiffen it up and pull everything together rather nicely. I don’t have very many beads left so I won’t be able to get much of the third level done until my next bead order.
I think when it is done the middle section of each face will look really cool with the negative cross space. My next designs for this series will involve different size squares. I am also planning to do two crosses in this style.

Hum what else? well my aunty gave my cousin and I some popping pearls which are fantastic, I love popping pearls as they are fun to eat and tasty.

Also another aunty I haven’t seen in years has been in touch and might be coming up to Mackay which will be great, it has really been way to long. Oh and my friend Penny will be coming over for a craft day tomorrow, so we can catch up and I can still get some beadwork done as I have a lot to do. And speaking of getting beadwork done, I shall be off to do some more.

Stay busy Lou.


Days go by so slowly and yet the years fly by. Well I’m thirty one and still awkwardly out of place and somewhat defiantly being my own unique individual, not quite a ‘real’ artist, nor a ‘true’ craftsman. I don’t buy into the belief that concept is the one and only god of art, and I still hold true to the idea that art made without technique is

obnoxious, boring crap. Any who I’m not making work to fit into the art world so it hardly matters. I’m making art that I want to see and experience and that I hope others do as well and it seems to so in that respect my art is a success. It has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately having been severely disappointed by the art world and the hedonistic, art being worshiped by it over substance and skill.

Anyway my postcards finally arrived the day before my birthday and they look good although they are thinner that I had expected.

But they are still usable as postcards. I’m thinking of charing $1.50 for them given that they are thinner than I would have liked. And maybe offering personal handwritten postcards for $10 if people are interested. I’m not really sure if people will be interested or not but I figured I’d give it a go as I personally collect postcards and would buy personal cards from artists if available. I’ve also been making some earrings, using my Toho beads instead of my Miyuki beads as that is what everyone one else is making them with and they are fine though I like my Miyuki’s more. The above photo is an experiment that is not going to work for its intended use, so

I’ll do something else with it but have gone back to working on my fuchsia cube. its a bit hard to tell but in the circle is one bead on the thread which will be the centre bead of nine that join the two sections together. The thread will go through it about six times as i add in the next four beads.

At the moment the whole thing is supper floppy and I’ve gone back to working on it as I don’t want it to pull on the thread too much. It’s better to get it done and put on the final layer to firm it up. Hopefully I have enough beads to finish it, it might be a close thing though.

here is a photo from earlier when I was just starting the base of the first top cube. hopefully I’ll be finishing the last tomorrow and then building them up before turning the project over and building up the last four cubes ready to put on the last layer of beads. It will take a while at any rate.

ugh there is so much to write about but my first alarm for work has gone off so I had better finish up and I’ll try to post again tomorrow.

All the best lou.

Titles are not my strength

Nor is editing, but I am sure anyone who has been reading my blog has already figured that out.

Ok so I’ve been a little late to the IBW project year but have until Feb to get my flowers done so it is ok. I also know a little bit about what might be happening for next years which is exciting, i’ll be all over it. Anyway I’ve only made the two flowers so far but will have about ten or so done to send off before the deadline.

The All Colours project this year and the black and white project last year as well as next years project have (and will be) lead by Professor Sam Norgard of Savannah college of art and design, USA. Its amazing to be apart of an international group making an art work.

Mackay had its own group art work Healthy Planet, created by the plastic boutique that is now being displayed in Canelands. I didn’t

The Mackay Art Society INC also has an exhibition on at the moment that I’ll make my way to see and so does one of the high schools at the jubilee community center.

Eungella had its first (hopefully annual) Ancient Arts & Craft Fayre, which one of my aunts and I went to visit. We both got Jams and I brought a wonderful (and expensive) cream. There were workshops, on felting, basket weaving and metal work that we saw and there was also a viking camp set up by an historical group which was really cool. Hopefully next year they lure up a hot coffee van and a few more art stalls but over all it was fab.

I didn’t make it to this week AWC class as I had my nephews (my best friend’s son) first birthday party to go to.

In beading news I’ve been adding to my shapes series again, only small shapes as I am running out of beads, but they are ones I’ve been meaning to make for a while. There will be a few more to come until I run out of the silver I use and then I will just use up the yellow and black making parts until I get more beads and can make bigger shapes again.

I did make some 2d shapes for the series by joining two of the same shapes together (to pull them into shape as the square, pentagon and rectangle warp when left to their own devices) in the same way that I joined the 3d shapes.

I am also working on another cube project which I mentioned in my last post. You can see it here taking shape along with another finished square that I am using for an experiment. I’ll update you about that when I get around to doing the experimental part later.

um other than that I don’t have much to say so I think I will get a move on with my bead work so I have more interesting things to talk about next time. Lou

Bead Soup

Inspired by Aldos Marcell’s Dodecaedros Siameses

Plans in the works. A lot has been going on at the moment so I’ll try to write about as much as possible. Trying to get the balance between growing my artist profile, actually making art, Christmas orders, spending time with family and friends, and working is proving to be really difficult but I am managing to get by.

So Last week I finished this toroidal polyhedron cluster of dodecahedrons inspired by Aldos Marcell’s Dodecaedros Siameses (corona) origami. Which you can find in his book Origami Sin Fronteras.

Mum recently posted this photo of a clipping of us and grandma. I never did like having my photo taken lol. But as you can see craft has been a part of my life for a very long time, I’ve tried a lot of different crafts over the years but as you know it was beading that I fell in love with. Mum recently told me I went the beading class that started it all when I was twelve. So it took me a few years to really get into it around when I was twenty two.

Recently I’ve been experimenting more using different materials and trying new things. I like how the netting turned out in this and will do something with it.

I might also be changing from Shopify as it seems rather expensive and is not doing much. I’m looking into square but we shall see.

Also on the experimenting front I’ve ordered a batch of post cards with the Golden Dodecahedron on the front to sell, as I love buying art postcards and

hope that other people do as well.
The other reason why I have ordered some is that I am going to give Kickstarter ago and I want to have postcard packs as a reward, and also maybe some personalised hand written cards as well.

I’ll keep you updated with how that is going at any rate.

So this funky dress has been on my desk for a while now and it is not done, done but done for now. I have a few ideas for it but am working on other things at the moment.

Millie being needy.


Millie has been rather naughty lately, picking on Tabby but she still likes to cuddle up some times and get scratches. Mind you I have several scratches on my legs from her trying to climb onto my lap, and falling off, but digging her claws in to hold on. Eh she is cute though.

Mum and I have been going out for coffee as usual, and Joan has been dragged along several times as well. Saturday was the first time in a while both Joan and I were at days for girls which was nice.

Mum and I also went to this weeks AWC class at Snitty in a Box and made small sugar skulls. This crazy skull is mine and it will be interesting to see how it turns out after being in the kiln.
This Saturady I’ll hopefully being going up to the Eungella craft faire with my aunt and cousin, as it looks interesting. I’ll also be getting my second covid shot on Friday.

Oh mum, Joan and I went up to Eungella last Friday to visit Cedar Gallery which was fantastic

as they have 25 artists, all with unique styles. We learnt all about the artists and how they make their art and had alcohol and cheese at the end. I brought some earrings for my cousin and Joan brought a lovely coffee table. I really wish I had enough room and money to buy some of their plinths, they are amazing and Owen carved them himself along with the other wood work.

Other than that I’ve been working on a new cube as I wish to have three in my exhibition. This one will be bigger than the last as it is three cubes each way, where the other orange one was just two. And this time I will be going with a dark base colour with a light trim colour which will be different.

well I had better get moving as I still have a few things to do before work. Lou

Glass, Glass Baby

Baubles by me, Glass by Grace of Azure Glass
Beadwork and Glass designed by me.

Well here are the promised photos of my glass work from Azure Glass and the two long platter dishes mum ordered for my birthday next month. I love them so much and am going to have to make two sets of baubles just to display them with. I’m so glad that Grace though of adding the metallic layer to the black glass as it is epic. Unfortunately my photos do not do it justice but I will be taking them to my next pro photo shoot. I really love how the beadwork is reflected in the black stripe and feel like I need to invest in one or two solid black plates to diplay some of my work on.

Baubles by me, Glass work by Grace of Azure Glass
Beadwork and Glasswork by me

There is something really satisfying about working with glass in any form and seeing different forms of glass work displayed together.

I clearly am also attracted to clean lines and bold colours just as much as I like highly detailed art. Let’s be honest here I just really love anything shiny and colourful.

You should have seen some of the amazing glass work Grace is working on at the minute. I should have snapped a few shots but you can check some of it out on her facebook and instagram pages and keep an eye out for the mackay tourism awards for more of her stunning work.

Baubles by me, Glasswork by Grace of Azure Glass

I really am going to have trouble waiting to get pro photos take of all my glass work and beadwork together, so you can see just how stunning it really is. Lou.

Sunday Funday AWC

Dreamcatcher class by Leah Tranter, Bugged Textiles

Ok so Mum and I have been going to these art workshops for the last few weeks, We’ve made dreamcatchers and mini glass pineapple plates and today was water colours. The class this week will be making animals with fondant.

It’s a lot of fun so if your in Mackay and have some time to kill on a Sunday then you should check out the Awc classes available on the website listed below. We’ve been to a breakfast class and a lunch class and there are also afternoon classes currently available. Next week we are going to the Sugar Skull glass class.

Glass Class by Grace McDonald, Azure Glass

Here are the cute mini pineapple plates mum and I made the other week, mine is on the left with no slump and mum’s in on the right. We’ve done a few classes with Grace from Azure Glass and have some fantastic creations to show for it. It is also fun seeing some of the amazing creations other people have made in Grace’s studio. Mum has ordered some custom plates for my birthday gift, that will look stunning holding some of my baubles. Ok I might be rather obsessed with beading and how everything can be used for beading lol. Anyway I promise to show you photos of the sugar skull and of my plates when I get them.

Water colour class by Douglas Lenton of Dougs Art Pieces

And this is my card from Dougs’ watercolour class. My friend Penny and I had a lot of fun with the other ladies who were in our class. It’s not bad for a first attempt and every card turned out so different. Putting on the tape around the edges and pulling off was also oddly satisfying. Penny had a little trouble with the imperfect nature of water colours but I ended up just rolling with it and am happy with how my card turned out. Water colours might not be my medium of choice but I think its good way to create without over thinking too much.

And the food was amazing! D’ sure knows how pick out the best fruit.

Schnitty in a box AWC class lunch

I mean really how good dose this feed look? and it tasted even better.

me working on my card

And well here is a photo of me working on my watercolour card. It really was such a great day and for a class that includes food, wine and bubbly it was also a fantastic price.