Way to busy…

Well I finished this beautiful star designed by DiMarca for a trade I made with my cousin Kea whom I am on a mission to mention more then a certain cat who I mention all the time. Mostly because she pointed out that I mention the cat more. I didn’t really have to make the star for a few months yet but I like to get things done as things have a way of going a stray. And work has been over the top. Today I had a 6am to 8am shift and didn’t get home till 8.30am because of dropping off keys and traffic and I will have to go again in about an hour for a 11.30am to 12.30am shift and then i have a 1pm to 2pm shift and there is my day gone.

The good news is that tomorrow I have a trial shift with another company and if it goes will I will have a Monday to Friday job with a set roster and one whole shift per day. Leaving me time to make art and blog about it in my free time. It dose mean for the next three weeks I will be super busy unfortunately but it’s better to get a job that works for me other wise I might as well go back out to the mine camps and that would totally suck.

Any who I am excited to have gotten the bulk of my stella Dodecahedron finished and should be done in the next few days, maybe tomorrow depending on how much i get done tonight after work.

It dose look rather cool as it but I want to make a complete one this time. Maybe next time I can make one as a lamp or something cool like that, in SL sliver.

On the cards for the next few weeks are a small teddy bear I brought a pattern for from Threadabead which is so super cute I couldn’t pass it up and mum wants me to make her one. and I have an idea for a small beehive that I should make while I am thinking about it, a hat for a barbie doll, custom stars I’ve designed and some dresses I need to finish.

Well I want to get some beading in before I go to work but I will try to post again in the next few days with up dates and some photos from my trip yesterday with mum and Sonya.

Regards, Lou (alone with the cats.)

Tea Time.

How cute is this funky little tea set designed by Ziva Averbuch. I brought the pattern a while ago and have been meaning to make it ever since. You will have to blame me for the colour choice though in this photo as I really desperately need to get more opaque beads to work with for cute projects like this. I did also change the lid a little to suite myself. The sugar cubes are just the cutest and I know they don’t come in pink but oh well call it artistic licence.

For those of you who are bead weavers you can find the fantastic pattern on etsy @zivadesigns.

Hopefully you’ll see a few more fantastic things from patterns I’ve brought so you can see stuff from more amazing designers on my blog. There are a few out there and I will do my best to highlight them.

For my own work I’m playing around with clear beads and coloured thread. These ones have a rainbow sheen to them and I think it unfortunately effects the visibility of the thread, and I don’t have many pure clear beads at the moment but they will absolutely be on the to order list as it is a super cool idea and would be fab for people to actually see the thread and how the beadwork is actually held together as some people think I’ve glued them until I explain as they can’t see the thread.

My cousin and housemate Kea has noticed that one of the cats Millie gets mentioned more than she dose so I would like to give her a shout out as she cooks me food and keeps life interesting. She did also help me with my Art CV as I am not very good at selling my self or my skills. You would think that having a love for writing that I would of all people be great at it but no.

On the blog front I’m setting my self the goal of writing a post once to twice a week no matter how busy or drained I am as I think it is kind of important to have a journal of sorts of my journey to look back on and because I’ve hit the 50 followers mark and am so surprised, excited and grateful that so many people have taken an interest in my little blog. Its more than I was expecting to be truthful but it is inspiring to know that people are interested in my miniature world of beads.

All the best Lou.

P.S I have some exciting news to announce in the next few days 🙂

Other peoples art!

Guardians of Well being 2020 by Soraya Abidin. I love the lates exhibition at my local Artspace and I was super excited to find a form of beadwork in my local gallery. This fantastic creation has beads embroidered on it and was my fave item in the show though miniature dresses by Sai-Wai Foo did come a close second. Mum actually came with me to the artspace and the Jubilee community centre as I wanted to see the Jubilee space as I am thinking of applying to hold an exhibition there to buff up my CV and get some experience with exhibiting. I’ll keep you informed as I go.

the Jubilee space had some fantastic wire sculptures, hand woven sculptures and some fun glass panels full of colour. Mackay and the surrounding areas has some really talented crafters and artists.

Talking about craft I have applied for membership to a large crafter guild and am waiting to hear back from them, I should get an email this afternoon or possible Monday so fingers crossed as membership would be a great boon and will help several other plans along.

Mum is a good egg, she took me to Chances cafe where we enjoyed breakfast although we don’t recommend the coffee (we plan to order different drinks next time) and she also payed it forward, by paying for a meal for a homeless person which is a service that the cafe provides. They also help people to up skill and they have a few other positive community programs happening i believe. Today was also lunch with dad and I mentioned that I wanted wire like kebab sticks and wanted to check out Bunnings after our usual lunch on the harbour wall and they didn’t even have the metal kebab sticks that dad says they always have.

So he decided we also had to look at silly sollies, then in Kmart, which did have kebab sticks but they were super large and too big for what i wanted and then I decided to look in the kitchen shop but they had nothing but said Woolworths had them. Nothing in Woolworths or Coles. I had found some in Canelands yesterday but had thought they were a bit too wide and kinda regret not buying them. Hopefully they will still have a couple of packets left the next time I’m in Canelands as I want them for a beadwork project and am sure I can make it work even it they are a bit wider that I really want. I did by a small set of kitchen scales so that I can weight items for posting.

I’ve been super busy making up things to sell in my new shopify shop that I was getting a bit worn out with it so took a break to make a pattern I have had for a while which I will hopefully post about tomorrow (given that the designer is ok with that.) and have continued on with this sculpture I started several weeks back. It is in the same style as my Golden orb but with just one layer and done in a metallic style bead rather than a silver lined one. I intend to make a collection of different sculptures each a different colour. I really love how the shape and the light shade and highlight different areas and effects how the colour looks.

I have started to put it together and am super pleased with how it looks so far. Unfortunately the photos just don’t do it justice. I will keep working on this one on the weekend but tomorrow I will be making a star for my cousin Kea that I had traded her for cute masks she made me a while back. There is no rush as it is a Christmas thing but I will feel a lot better once I have it done as I have a tendency to get distracted. Other than that my aunt’s friend who we helped with the object speed date even, did me a solid and emailed a lady in the arts development department introducing me so that she might be more likely to respond to my request to point me in the right direction.

I’ve also been playing around with a few ideas for some specific stuff for my artspace application. Don’t hold your breath for news about it though as I might not be ready to apply until the next round.

Anyway I have to finish my dinner and get ready for work, which apparently I won’t get home until about 12pm tonight. Ah the things we do to pay the bills and get by.

Until next time Lou.
(thanks for dinner Kea)

Limited Edition?

I’ve been thinking about doing a limited edition set of baubles and/or a stand alone set to go with my Shapes series as a way to raise money to buy the supplies to keep making it and get pro photos taken. I figured this might be a nice way for people to feel involved in the series. My idea is to have each of the three shapes come with a card that has the name of the shape, facts about it, a photo of the original shape in the collection and a bit about the shapes series (a different part about it for each shape). I like the idea of having these as baubles because they are rather different and stand out. And I also figured I could do some baubles in Christmas colours (or customised) for people who have colour themed decorations.

I’ve already made one of the cuboctahedrons in white and I think it would look amazing on a black or blue Christmas tree.

On the shopify front it is currently up on FB and is giving me a huge headache but will hopefully be worth it in the end. Delicate By Lou is also now an officially registered Australian business and I will continue working on my store and getting my artwork out there as well, so I can eventually spend more time on my beadwork. It dose mean you might not see any new sculptures for a while though but I will be doing more baubles and things for visuals so you’ll see new ones of those.

Other than that I don’t have much else to say on the beading front but mum did take me out for a High tea at Dolphin Heads Resort yesterday for a Cancer Council Australia’s biggest morning tea and it was fab.

If your in the Mackay area than I recommend keeping an eye out for more High teas and events as apparently Dolphin Heads are planing on making them a monthly thing.

All the Best Lou.

A little star shine

I’ve always loved looking up at stars in the night sky and stories about stars have been about even since humans started to tell stories. We are in fact made up of the stuff from stars. Anyway the original plan had been to enter this into a competition (once done) but for several reasons it’s just not going to happen. Still I’ve been working on it and will hopefully have enough beads to get the vines done so that I can wind it into shape and work on the leaves and flowers if it’s not over doing it. Hopefully next fortnight I’ll be able to apply for Craft Victoria and set a few things in motion.

I’ve never really edited photos much but with my lack of decent lighting I ended up mucking about on light room and though I need practice the results look closer to real life than the original photo. And given that I want the colours to be as close as possible I think that it will be really important to learn to use the photo editing tools.

I did a bit better editing this photo and am pleased with how close the gold came out to real life. And yes I am still working on the golden set. its up to one tree topper and eight open baubles. though it has taken a back seat to the fairy garland. I was thinking of doing a Christmas in July thing but am not sure as it seems a bit cheesy and I really don’t know if that is something people are interested in or not. Hum maybe I’ll put some feelers out and see if it is something people are interested in. Well I’m not likely to do it in any event as I’m not really that interested in doing it.

Millie has been hanging about as usual and taking every opportunity too but in as she is of course more important than any thing else in the universe. She is right of course though we tend to disagree on this point when I am beading. I’m not really sure what else to say at the moment so I’ll leave it there until next time. Lou

Star Shine.

And as usual I’ve been a busy bee.
Some times I wonder if I will ever get as much time to bead as I want but let’s talk about what I’ve been up to. So last weekend I got talking to Jane at days for girls and gave her a few instagram tips for her daughter Imogen, who ended up in Mackay for mothers day so the three of us caught up on Monday which was great as we shared tips and talked about of craft experiences. I also caught up with mum on Thursday to finally give her the small bag of mothers day goodies I had brought her. I also caught up with dad on Thursday for our usual weekly lunch and again with mum on Friday.

And today I hung out with my Aunt getting bits and pieces from around town. I also had split shifts which take up way too much time and energy and had to cover for people calling up sick although they had asked me to cover today as well and I just couldn’t.

In other news my fave pod cast has a book out and I am dying to get it but it will have to wait for a while at least, though I did check and dymocks dose have them so I can get my hands on a hardcopy from Brisbane when I do get around to buying it. Not much chance of a signed copy but I’ll probs also get the audio edition on Audible when I have a spare credit.

Now you may be wondering about the glowing stars in the first photo. Here they are again with the lights off this time I came across a wearable art comp and although I only have until the 28th to submit I though I’d have a crack at it as I had a cool idea and even if I didn’t manage to get in done in time for the comp I’d still have made some thing cool and rather different from my usual works, though it’s not the first time I’ve worked with lights. I’m not quite sure that even if I manage to get it done on time that I’ll have the money for insurance and the entry fee but maybe I’ll be able to enter it in something else down the track. Anyway I really don’t have a lot of spare time as I have heaps to do but I will try to post again in the next few days.


Möbius Band and 2k

I celebrated hitting the 2k follower mark on instagram yesterday and was so excited and grateful that my unusual passion has gained so much love and attention.
I was also given some beading/math ideas by @best.miyuki.patterns on instagram as well and set to work making this möbius strip which was easy enough to make and fun to play with. And I have a STEM project by a fab designer I will be trying out soon.

Now I found this last week I think and have been listening to it all day while beading. Its a fab podcast about art, where Robert and Russell interview friends and artists about their art, art work they love and their experiences with art. I can’t honestly say that I like much of the art they talk about (having gone fangirl stalker on their insta page 😂) but I have found some amazing art works on there as well and discovered some new artists to keep an eye on. And really it is just an interesting way to get to know about art and how it moves people.
For me art has always been in my life, I remember as a kid being taken to GOMA in Brisbane and loving it (although I don’t think my family were really into going it was just one of those things you should do and they had interactive art for kids) and there were exhibitions like Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room, the floating orbs, the spot rooms (interactive) and eX de Medici’s art work, which was rather grim with the skulls and guns and kind of manic but also wonderfully detailed and full of colour.

Mackay is making a real effort to become a destination and you can now find art in many of the alleyways around the city centre. Since Elton John was the most famous star to grace our small stadium he features in one of the street art works. I snapped this picture on Saturday night after work when I caught up with my Mum and our friend Lachlan who currently lives in Brisbane. It was a mostly good night and I checked out the gallery bar which I’ll have to make a point of going back to to check out the art. The poor bouncer got a scare when mum fell down the stairs (for the second time), but she decided she was fine and we went on.

I also spent most of yesterday with dad for our usual Thursday Lunch on the harbour wall. This sea gull eyed us for our food and was quite cheeky. Then I spent the afternoon with mum and we ran into my friend Zoe and her bub while we were shopping. Mum brought me some boots to wear with my black dress and my black pinafore, as well as a shirt to go under my pinafore. The rest of the day I spent on instagram, beading, reading and then watching bones.

I’ve also been adding to my golden collection today and who knows it might be ready for this Christmas depending on how often I get distracted by other projects. That and I’ve done some more of my rainbow set.

I have also started to try learning crochet again and my first try was a flop. my second was just a chain and ended up being just the right length for my wrist, though I hadn’t planned that at all, I had just stopped so that I’d have time to write my blog. Anyway I have work tonight so I had better get a move on with things. I’ll try to post again in the next few days. Lou

The Ever Growing Shapes Series Saga.

This all began around the June of 2017 with for small shapes and has slowly grown in-between many other projects into a collection of four small collections of shapes. There is the man collection of ‘open’ shapes, a smaller collection of ‘solid’ mini shapes, irregular shapes and two made with an extra fold.

I fully plan to grow all of these four collections which will hopeful one day be displayed in a gallery.

As complicated as classification can be on the more complex shapes I’d love to have them all set out in rough categories like the platonic solids I’ve made here. And I’m currently working on the semiregular polyhedron list. As you can see from the five below

Or I could try to do groupings based on a shape like the Icosidodecahedron and augmented versions of it. Or maybe I can do both with sets of types in one row and then behind them in other rows their augmentations. That would be cool.

Not in the photo of the current collection is this Rhombicosidodecahedron that I finished making yesterday after taking the collection photo. It will be in the next collection photo, along with the Snub Dodecahedron I’m working on and what ever else I’ve made at that time. Hopefully I’ll have made some more funky clusters by then.

And I just found that I had two anti-prisms and an easter egg inspired oval shape hidden on my desk.

I’ve been thinking of doing a kick starter for the shapes collection and offering pro photos, maybe a platonic solids set, shape Christmas decorations, and or say a cuboctahedron and stats for the cluster kind of thing. not sure what else and am quite honestly not sure that it would even be something that anyone would be interested in.

Well anyway I’m going to head off and keep beading, until next time Lou.

Aggregate of 20 Cuboctahedrons

photo taken by mum

You can tell I had a lot of late nights recently and they were all worth it. The aggregate is my largest single item and is part of my largest collection.

I first got the idea to make the aggregate from the instagram account ikemath2020 who had made an origami model designed by Tomoko Fuse. it is the best one I have seen and if you are on instagram you should really check out their account.

Here is a better photo of the aggregate with a single Cuboctahedron infront. The aggregate was a bit more complex to make then my usual shapes, sometimes taking up to three threads at a time to build it up. There were also a few times were I had to unpick my work as it could be confusing. Still I have grander plans so if you like the aggregate stay tuned. And I’m glad so many people liked seeing the progress shots.

Here is a close up shot looking into the centre of the work. the triangles around the pentagon remind me of a star shape. The inside layer turns out to be an icosiedodecahedron with the pentagons as negative space. I didn’t know that when I started but it is super cool. As the first of this kind that I have made, I did it the hard way starting with making one cuboctahedron and going from there which was super complicated and messy.

Had I known how the inside was structured I would have stared by building the inside and then working on the outside it would have been much easer. But now I know I shall endeavour to use that lesson in future projects. to the right is a photo of the first side, this was the easiest part other than the final few bits. Each face is roughly the size of my palm. I spent several nights up to 1 or 2 in the morning to finish a side or section and also had to get up early to feed cats.

I was cat sitting eight cats during this project, four at home and four across the road at my aunts place. And I also had work during this time and spent time with my family as well. Getting to the last ring of Cuboctahedrons was very exciting and there really is nothing like seeing a work come together especially when you are not sure it will work out. Though I was fairly confident this one would work as I had seen a photo of a real life origami model.

the icosidodecahedron collection so far

Before posting anywhere about my aggregate I built the Icosidodecahedron that I had made to complement the two augmented ones I had previously done and so you could see the amount of different looks you could get from tweeks in one base shape. I think the next augmented ico will be with pentagons and spikes, but we shall see. I also have a few other ideas for using an inner icosidodecahedron sphere to make larger shapes.

And since posting last night on instagram I’ve had so many likes, comments, saves, shares, and story features. It has been great to know that people like my crazy passions as much as I do. It deff made my day after lots of late nights.

Thank you all so much for all the love and support, you might not be great at keeping me humble but you lift my spirits and inspire me to make my crazy dreams and you don’t know just how much that means to me.

Love Lou.

Operation Easter.

Hey guys and girls, I hope you’ve all had a good easter even if you’ve been in lockdown again like down south or wearing masks out and about.

I’ve had Friday up till today off and decided to make the most of it by keeping up the prep work to make the process of beading faster. But I did get somewhat distracted by a super cool easter egg inspired shape on the Geometiles IG account. Now their egg had 2 squares, 10 pentagons and 96 triangles and while I plan to make one I chose to make my own for the time being with 16 triangles. And its roughly the size of a smallish easter egg.

I have also been working away at my Goodreads book challenge for this year and am determined to finally hit my 365 books pa this year. It’s been a goal for a few years now and I’ve always fallen short by a hundred or so. I also have some cool Been There Done That posters, one for books, one for movies (not so cool) and one for food. As you can see I am also knocking off as many as I can of these as well, though I did put them aside for a while.

Hum what else? well I am set on making a golden ornament set for the next photo shoot I book as that would look fab and I’ve made a tree topper and parts to get that going, as well as the first open bauble for the set. The tree topper is pictured below

The tree topper pattern I brought from DiMarca has been super handy and I will really have to get around to making her actuall pattern so you can see how talented she is, as her actual design is beautiful. Many of her patterns are on my wishlist and I have brought a few to make.

Unfortunately my current photography skills and lack of photography equipment do not do this minimalist golden star justice but it really is lovely even if I do say so myself. And it will be stunning to have a pure gold set adorning a tree. there is really just something about gold and the elegance of simplicity.

But I’ll stop waxing poetry. For now I have started three more tree toppers (not golden) to get done before Christmas.

And I have been one of those people that takes their craft to coffee and dinner, using the break from making parts in a production line style to tie up the ends and cut up the ribbon. Basically doing simple tasks I don’t want to waste beading time doing but need to be done none the less.

Thankfully I love the SL gold and brought a 250 gram bag on my last order and still had a decent amount left from before that so I have a lot of gold to work with. On the other hand I have very little SL silver left which is just sad as it would also make a stunning set all by its self. Well maybe the next time I can manage an order I’ll get a bag or two.. We shall see. I also have some other sets planed so keep reading.

On a non beading topic this came today, an easter present from my aunt, I’ll be making her a tree topper for Christmas in her fave colours and we shall see what else I can gift her. Its an Orange Chocolate Liquor and looks amazing and I just love the bottle. My cousin Kea got a Chili Chocolate Liquor which also sounds amazing.

My mum gave me some Darrell eggs and I spent time with several family members over various meals. Though my dad didn’t come to town this week given that masks are currently mandatory and a lot of Australians are holidaying in our fair state despite the pandemic.

Ok and for other Christmas sets I have planed are a rainbow set, a white and blue set and if anyone is keen a maths set, with several different geometric shapes, thought I’m not sure in what colour as I don’t think the yellow is really Christmas, you know. Oh and I’ve just go the triangles to go for that geometiles egg. Anyway I think tomorrow I’m going to put together some of the shapes I’ve already made the parts for.

Also if you follow me on FB you’ll know that I got the photos from my last shoot with Coffee and Hops and they are amazing. So I will of course be doing a post to show some of them off, but you can also find them in my photos folders on FB so check them out.

Well that’s all folks, I’ll catch you next post.