Möbius Band and 2k

I celebrated hitting the 2k follower mark on instagram yesterday and was so excited and grateful that my unusual passion has gained so much love and attention.
I was also given some beading/math ideas by @best.miyuki.patterns on instagram as well and set to work making this möbius strip which was easy enough to make and fun to play with. And I have a STEM project by a fab designer I will be trying out soon.

Now I found this last week I think and have been listening to it all day while beading. Its a fab podcast about art, where Robert and Russell interview friends and artists about their art, art work they love and their experiences with art. I can’t honestly say that I like much of the art they talk about (having gone fangirl stalker on their insta page 😂) but I have found some amazing art works on there as well and discovered some new artists to keep an eye on. And really it is just an interesting way to get to know about art and how it moves people.
For me art has always been in my life, I remember as a kid being taken to GOMA in Brisbane and loving it (although I don’t think my family were really into going it was just one of those things you should do and they had interactive art for kids) and there were exhibitions like Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room, the floating orbs, the spot rooms (interactive) and eX de Medici’s art work, which was rather grim with the skulls and guns and kind of manic but also wonderfully detailed and full of colour.

Mackay is making a real effort to become a destination and you can now find art in many of the alleyways around the city centre. Since Elton John was the most famous star to grace our small stadium he features in one of the street art works. I snapped this picture on Saturday night after work when I caught up with my Mum and our friend Lachlan who currently lives in Brisbane. It was a mostly good night and I checked out the gallery bar which I’ll have to make a point of going back to to check out the art. The poor bouncer got a scare when mum fell down the stairs (for the second time), but she decided she was fine and we went on.

I also spent most of yesterday with dad for our usual Thursday Lunch on the harbour wall. This sea gull eyed us for our food and was quite cheeky. Then I spent the afternoon with mum and we ran into my friend Zoe and her bub while we were shopping. Mum brought me some boots to wear with my black dress and my black pinafore, as well as a shirt to go under my pinafore. The rest of the day I spent on instagram, beading, reading and then watching bones.

I’ve also been adding to my golden collection today and who knows it might be ready for this Christmas depending on how often I get distracted by other projects. That and I’ve done some more of my rainbow set.

I have also started to try learning crochet again and my first try was a flop. my second was just a chain and ended up being just the right length for my wrist, though I hadn’t planned that at all, I had just stopped so that I’d have time to write my blog. Anyway I have work tonight so I had better get a move on with things. I’ll try to post again in the next few days. Lou

The Ever Growing Shapes Series Saga.

This all began around the June of 2017 with for small shapes and has slowly grown in-between many other projects into a collection of four small collections of shapes. There is the man collection of ‘open’ shapes, a smaller collection of ‘solid’ mini shapes, irregular shapes and two made with an extra fold.

I fully plan to grow all of these four collections which will hopeful one day be displayed in a gallery.

As complicated as classification can be on the more complex shapes I’d love to have them all set out in rough categories like the platonic solids I’ve made here. And I’m currently working on the semiregular polyhedron list. As you can see from the five below

Or I could try to do groupings based on a shape like the Icosidodecahedron and augmented versions of it. Or maybe I can do both with sets of types in one row and then behind them in other rows their augmentations. That would be cool.

Not in the photo of the current collection is this Rhombicosidodecahedron that I finished making yesterday after taking the collection photo. It will be in the next collection photo, along with the Snub Dodecahedron I’m working on and what ever else I’ve made at that time. Hopefully I’ll have made some more funky clusters by then.

And I just found that I had two anti-prisms and an easter egg inspired oval shape hidden on my desk.

I’ve been thinking of doing a kick starter for the shapes collection and offering pro photos, maybe a platonic solids set, shape Christmas decorations, and or say a cuboctahedron and stats for the cluster kind of thing. not sure what else and am quite honestly not sure that it would even be something that anyone would be interested in.

Well anyway I’m going to head off and keep beading, until next time Lou.

Aggregate of 20 Cuboctahedrons

photo taken by mum

You can tell I had a lot of late nights recently and they were all worth it. The aggregate is my largest single item and is part of my largest collection.

I first got the idea to make the aggregate from the instagram account ikemath2020 who had made an origami model designed by Tomoko Fuse. it is the best one I have seen and if you are on instagram you should really check out their account.

Here is a better photo of the aggregate with a single Cuboctahedron infront. The aggregate was a bit more complex to make then my usual shapes, sometimes taking up to three threads at a time to build it up. There were also a few times were I had to unpick my work as it could be confusing. Still I have grander plans so if you like the aggregate stay tuned. And I’m glad so many people liked seeing the progress shots.

Here is a close up shot looking into the centre of the work. the triangles around the pentagon remind me of a star shape. The inside layer turns out to be an icosiedodecahedron with the pentagons as negative space. I didn’t know that when I started but it is super cool. As the first of this kind that I have made, I did it the hard way starting with making one cuboctahedron and going from there which was super complicated and messy.

Had I known how the inside was structured I would have stared by building the inside and then working on the outside it would have been much easer. But now I know I shall endeavour to use that lesson in future projects. to the right is a photo of the first side, this was the easiest part other than the final few bits. Each face is roughly the size of my palm. I spent several nights up to 1 or 2 in the morning to finish a side or section and also had to get up early to feed cats.

I was cat sitting eight cats during this project, four at home and four across the road at my aunts place. And I also had work during this time and spent time with my family as well. Getting to the last ring of Cuboctahedrons was very exciting and there really is nothing like seeing a work come together especially when you are not sure it will work out. Though I was fairly confident this one would work as I had seen a photo of a real life origami model.

the icosidodecahedron collection so far

Before posting anywhere about my aggregate I built the Icosidodecahedron that I had made to complement the two augmented ones I had previously done and so you could see the amount of different looks you could get from tweeks in one base shape. I think the next augmented ico will be with pentagons and spikes, but we shall see. I also have a few other ideas for using an inner icosidodecahedron sphere to make larger shapes.

And since posting last night on instagram I’ve had so many likes, comments, saves, shares, and story features. It has been great to know that people like my crazy passions as much as I do. It deff made my day after lots of late nights.

Thank you all so much for all the love and support, you might not be great at keeping me humble but you lift my spirits and inspire me to make my crazy dreams and you don’t know just how much that means to me.

Love Lou.

Operation Easter.

Hey guys and girls, I hope you’ve all had a good easter even if you’ve been in lockdown again like down south or wearing masks out and about.

I’ve had Friday up till today off and decided to make the most of it by keeping up the prep work to make the process of beading faster. But I did get somewhat distracted by a super cool easter egg inspired shape on the Geometiles IG account. Now their egg had 2 squares, 10 pentagons and 96 triangles and while I plan to make one I chose to make my own for the time being with 16 triangles. And its roughly the size of a smallish easter egg.

I have also been working away at my Goodreads book challenge for this year and am determined to finally hit my 365 books pa this year. It’s been a goal for a few years now and I’ve always fallen short by a hundred or so. I also have some cool Been There Done That posters, one for books, one for movies (not so cool) and one for food. As you can see I am also knocking off as many as I can of these as well, though I did put them aside for a while.

Hum what else? well I am set on making a golden ornament set for the next photo shoot I book as that would look fab and I’ve made a tree topper and parts to get that going, as well as the first open bauble for the set. The tree topper is pictured below

The tree topper pattern I brought from DiMarca has been super handy and I will really have to get around to making her actuall pattern so you can see how talented she is, as her actual design is beautiful. Many of her patterns are on my wishlist and I have brought a few to make.

Unfortunately my current photography skills and lack of photography equipment do not do this minimalist golden star justice but it really is lovely even if I do say so myself. And it will be stunning to have a pure gold set adorning a tree. there is really just something about gold and the elegance of simplicity.

But I’ll stop waxing poetry. For now I have started three more tree toppers (not golden) to get done before Christmas.

And I have been one of those people that takes their craft to coffee and dinner, using the break from making parts in a production line style to tie up the ends and cut up the ribbon. Basically doing simple tasks I don’t want to waste beading time doing but need to be done none the less.

Thankfully I love the SL gold and brought a 250 gram bag on my last order and still had a decent amount left from before that so I have a lot of gold to work with. On the other hand I have very little SL silver left which is just sad as it would also make a stunning set all by its self. Well maybe the next time I can manage an order I’ll get a bag or two.. We shall see. I also have some other sets planed so keep reading.

On a non beading topic this came today, an easter present from my aunt, I’ll be making her a tree topper for Christmas in her fave colours and we shall see what else I can gift her. Its an Orange Chocolate Liquor and looks amazing and I just love the bottle. My cousin Kea got a Chili Chocolate Liquor which also sounds amazing.

My mum gave me some Darrell eggs and I spent time with several family members over various meals. Though my dad didn’t come to town this week given that masks are currently mandatory and a lot of Australians are holidaying in our fair state despite the pandemic.

Ok and for other Christmas sets I have planed are a rainbow set, a white and blue set and if anyone is keen a maths set, with several different geometric shapes, thought I’m not sure in what colour as I don’t think the yellow is really Christmas, you know. Oh and I’ve just go the triangles to go for that geometiles egg. Anyway I think tomorrow I’m going to put together some of the shapes I’ve already made the parts for.

Also if you follow me on FB you’ll know that I got the photos from my last shoot with Coffee and Hops and they are amazing. So I will of course be doing a post to show some of them off, but you can also find them in my photos folders on FB so check them out.

Well that’s all folks, I’ll catch you next post.

Phone post…

Wip: shapes!

Ok kids here goes. Well surprise, surprise I’ve been a busy girl and did not manage to post yesterday so I’m writing my post now. And time may have gotten away from me today as i was busy beading and watching movies on a big screen tv. Making the most of pet sitting this weekend. As you can see in the photo above I’ve got some more parts done this afternoon.

And have also been giving the two handsome boys scratches. Skittles (above) is not shy but Toothless has only just come out of hiding recently. Its been another long day but at Sue’s request i took some of my beadwork into Days for Girls and the ladies had a look at it and another lady is interested in learning beading so fingers crossed I’ll have someone to work with soon. I also got some contact details and ideas for finding other people who might be interested.

My main job at days for girls is tracing but I’ve also started to help put in the snap buttons as well which is cool. I managed to get a fair few traced out. After DFG I had lunch with my mum and aunt who were also at DFG and then they dragged me around jewelry shopping. Anyway i got back to beading in the end.

Oh tomorrow I will be making an open bauble from a tube of 7.5 grams of beads as I promised another beaded on Instagram that I would check to see if I was right about only needing a small amount. I’ll try to remember to post progress photos in my IG stories tomorrow and maybe turn it into a reel. So if you follow my insta account by the same name then keep an eye out for my stories tomorrow.

Ok its getting a bit late and i have beads to put away for the night. Lou

Weeks gone by

Well my latest order has been finished and just needs to be dropped off this afternoon or tomorrow. I know i have spent some time talking about it and have unfortunately had so much to do that I failed to post anything for the last two weeks. But now with my mum’s birthday party, the days for girl’s charity cent sale and other things been and gone I can get back to posting again. I have also changed jobs in the last few weeks and this will hopefully also help with my schedule to allow more frequent posting than I have been managing of late.

I have spent the better part of today making parts for shapes in my shapes series. Having found that the work goes quicker if I make the parts and then put them together once that is done. Hopefully I will be able to make an Icosidodecahedron, Rhombicosidodecahedron, Snub Dodecahedron, Cuboctahedron and a mixed cluster that I know not the name of with the beads I currently have. At any rate. I think I shall at least manage three of them if not all and who knows I might manage a few more if luck allows.

I have also been adding to my mini star collection with tri coloured stars and hope to have a good number of them by the end of the year, its quite possible that I’ll store them in a jar when I have a decent amount of them and have a giveaway with the prize going to whoever guesses the closest amount to the number of stars in the jar. I have done this once before with a smaller jar and number of stars. I have also been working on pairs of earrings which I shall post up in the next few days on my facebook page.

Other than that I finished my little bee box designed by Julia S. Pretl, although I’ve not put legs on it having no larger beads for the task. It looks a little rumpled as I did not keep my tension well but it is cute none the less. Also the neck of the box is a bit too high so the lid dose not sit flush. But as it is just for my personal collection I don’t mind so much. Well I had better get cracking on my bead work so that I will have something to report on Friday.

All the best Louise.

Tree toppers

Hey there, I hope you don’t mind that I am posting about something I have made before just in a different colour. I have designed a few new designs for the tree topper but at the end of the day felt that for this occasion simple would likely work out best. I wish you could see how the colours are in RL but unfortunately my photography just isn’t that good. This is the second of two I have completed trying to get the shades of yellow right and I think it will be the one most liked. I have also made a few other warped squares to test the colours out on and might work back around to finishing them.

But I still have a few other bits to make before then. After that I have several projects to keep working on and a few new ones that I would love to start on. It’s go, go, go all the way. And let’s not forget that I do also have to fit in work. Speaking of the devil I will have to start getting ready for work soon but thankfully I had enough time to come on here after finishing the star in the first photo.

Maybe I will even get around to making DiMarca’s tree topper pattern as it is also quite lovely and includes a few tricks that I could learn from other than the base which has come in handy. I just realised that if i had used the luster white on the right hand star the yellows would have popped more than they did. not that it isn’t lovely but it didn’t have the vivacity that I thought it would. its funny how one small change can make such a difference. Well I had better go get ready and will write to you again soon. Lou

One busy bee

Hey I want to spend a bit of time talking about the wonderful Seed Beads and more group on Facebook. its a fantastic little group that often hosts beadlongs and last month was hosted by the amazing designer Julia s. Pretl. For various reasons I don’t always participate in the bead along but I think that they are simply fantastic. if you are not apart of the group or missed out on last months bead along you can buy the pattern from Julia’s website and you can find a link on my resources page. I highly recommend buying her book on boxes if you are a beader as it is super helpful.

For some reason my box has come out looking a tad rumbled, possible due to not enough tention but it is still super cute. I haven’t put any legs on either as I don’t have many large beads so have chosen to skip that part for the moment.

Usually Thursday’s are spent with dad but I was asked if I would like to do an ‘art’ object /photo speed dating event with my cousin and aunt and decided to go along. it was a cool experience and we even got a small gift of appreciation from the high school students which Millie has claimed the packaging of. And I will make good use of the note book and pen. You can also see on of my socks under her but that she has also claimed as one of her toys. She is a very cheap cat.

For those interested I picked Cubezillar as my object which a few of the teens thought was impressive when I explained that I made it myself with tiny glass beads. And the photo was from my 2017 trip and is of one of my fave places. They had several questions to ask and there were 12 students all up with six people to question one being my cousin with her toy wombat, next to me and on my other side my aunt with her army cadets hat. Another lady had a bracelet that meant a lot to her and the lady across from us had a pottery jug ( she was also wearing a stunning necklace) and the last lady had a harp which was cool. We also got a free tea or coffee which was neat.

Other than that I ended up being super busy yesterday as I had an interview for a new job, then training to do so that I could do my trial tonight, then also a catch up with mum so it was about four before i really had much time at home and after a nap we were off again to Bings for a delish meal for a combined birthday meal for my cousin Kea and her mum.

This afternoon there has been a fair bit of rain from the cyclone in the coral sea but it is forecasted to head towards Fiji but we are expected to get a fair bit of rain for the next two days.

Tomorrow I will be making a start on the tree topper, having done up a few patterns to try I will hopefully have them done by the end of the weekend and then it will just be the stars with initials to do I’m excited to be coming close to the end of this project and have several more projects lined up to do.

wish me luck Lou.

Boho Earrings

So last week was a massive write off but things look to be on the up and up so I’ll try to stick to the positive. Yesterday I realised that I could make boho earrings that are super fashionable right now and will likely sell better than my ‘novelty’ shape earrings. they do look lovely so figures crossed. My cousin also gave me some different earring hooks to use which are interesting and joy of joys do not need soldering. I have managed to buy the white flux i need to solder my stainless steal hooks so between all the earring hooks I should be covered for a while.

I am also making progress on my order and will hopeful be finished sometime next week.

I have been working on a few different things for the order just incase she doesn’t like something and wants to swap it out. I tried doing the stars with the colours she asked for, in a way that included all the colours in the two stars and I like the effect and hopefully she will too. The blue and purple looks rather dark in the photo but shows up a lot better in real life.

In non beading news my mum’s 60th is coming up and she is having a retro 50s rockabilly themed party and we have had fun picking out dresses and shoes. I may now have three new dresses and a new pair of shoes on the way.

Its not the best photo ever but you can see a part of my new day dress and the star earrings I made to wear with it. I got the dress from Steampunktime in Sarina and it is my fave shop. I don’t like shopping much but I love to go there and try on the amazing clothes.

well I had better get some more beading done. Lou


I didn’t manage to post last week which is not good at all but I promise I’ll be posting at least three days this week, including tomorrow to make up for a lack of proper post today. The good news is that I’ll have plenty of time and energy to keep progressing on my beadwork and on my posts.

All the best Lou.