And Life goes on

I feel like being late has become a thing and I really doin’t like it at all. but life just keeps rolling on no matter my plans. So I finished that tree topper I was talking about in my last post. Normally with a star this large I would stuff it to fill it out and have it keep its shape but as this one has to be open to go on the tree I can’t do that. Still its cute and not bad for a first go at a tree topper. Especially considering it was modified from two patterns. Hopefully Penny likes it.

And I spent today finishing a snowman one of my aunts asked for.

So I don’t have any progress shots to share with you so here is a photo of my first polyhedron sculpture. this was back when I was using larger beads as gap fillers and they do look good while the coating on them lasts, but they soon look rather crap which is why I stoped using them. And also because I figured out that I could used brick stitch to fill in the gaps seamlessly. I’ll have to redo this one one day in my up dated style. Its a fun shape and I love the colours although the white did not age well, which is a shame. It’s hard to tell from the photo but it did not have the last dome in when I took this photo, but I have added it in since then, because I couldn’t leave it unfinished. I’ve still yet to make the monstrosity that got me into making shapes in the first place but maybe soon.

Talking about early projects that I want to redo and complete is this set done with the same white beads that did not age well. I have two more spheres to add to this set but I want to leave these ones alone and just redo the set. the blue one makes a really cute bauble in Christmas colours I’ll have to make more next year.

well the next few days will also be busy so my next post will properly be a short one but we shall see.

talk to you next time Lou.

New techniques, tricks and beads

I’ve seen a few cool beadwork pieces done in bead quilling So I decided to give it ago as I have a few ideas that should translate well with bead quilling. Its an interesting technique that focuses on showing the thread as apart of the artwork and shows potential for creating artwork that would otherwise be out of the bounds of other forms of beading. It won’t replace my passion for the peyote and herringbone combination but I will make at least one or two artworks with it and see where it takes me.

I quite like how easy it would be to take this technique in any direction to create a 3d piece and have seen a few that curved easily in places, in a way that you just don’t get with other stitches. I also like being able to show off the thread and just how much thread work there is in even a simple piece. This small Dimond used the better part of a meter of thread. It is also a great way to add in extra colour into the beadwork and not just rely on the beads alone.

I started this pearler sphere the other week and then got swamped with life, so only finished it today. I really only made it to work as a comparison for my other bead work with its large size. It is roughly of a size with most of my larger geometric sculptures. I do kind of love the pop look to it with the sold, bold colours framed with black. Given the length vs. width ratio compared to the delicals I usually use it turned out rather pointed like the size 15s, which had the same kind of lenght vs. width ratio.

You can see in the photo on the right just how big it is compared to a size 15s sphere, even made a whole row shorter. You can also see the colours better in this photo. I used five different colours + the black for this sphere wanting to change it up a bit and it worked out well, with four triangles of each colour. I might make a few more shapes with the pearler beads to us as visual comparisons when displaying my other work. It’s already doing that job in my own display cabint I share with my cousin at home as you can see in the photo below.

On the topic of displaying my work I did hear back from the local community artist program after a few days and have realised that it would only be worth while for an established artist with a large local audience as all that was really provided for a price was the shared space which I am reliably informed is a low traffic area (by acquaintances). I had hoped that the displays would have some marketing done by the managers of the space to promote the program but it seems that little is done to support the local artists and most of what is done, is by volunteers. So I concluded that it would be a lot of running around and expense (marketing and what not) for two weeks of low traffic exposure to a possibly disinterested audience. The price of living in an industrial orientated community.

I’m glad to say that my aunt is doing well after her accident on Saturday and treated myself and my mum to lunch as thanks for picking her up and insisting she get checked out at the hospital just in case. My dad came over this morning to get me to sort out his super so that was fun, but it went better than on Thursday when he didn’t have some of the information and insisted that I still had it from last time. I sorted out my filing cabinet incase I was wrong and did still have it but found nothing. I gave him his paper work back again but kept a copy of the numbers needed for the claim for the next time he wants money so that it goes a lot more smoothly and I can get it over and done with quickly. Why he believes it’s my responsibility to keep track of all his paperwork is a mystery but I think its a I looked after you as a child thing and now its your turn. Apparently I have to look forward to helping him sort out a prepaid funeral in July when his death cover runs out thanks to the lady on the phone who kindly mentioned it would run out on his 70th birthday this year. GURR. Oh well its keeps life mildly interesting. I wonder how long pre paid funerals are valid for? I recon the old man will live till he’s a hundred, or at least into his nineties. We’ve always semi joked about how he’ll out live us all, given what a tough old codger he is.
Anyway there’s only a few hours till work and I want to get some more of my Fibonacci done, before getting back to work on another order tomorrow. It will make five orders so far, I’ve got a little notebook keeping track of them for tax porpoises, no sense in getting into trouble with the tax man over a few dollars.

Alright catch ya later Lou.

Best laid plains

Well its going to be another short post as the weekend has been unexpectedly busy. After days for girls on Saturday morning and then coffee with my aunt, I headed off to check out the art gallery. I got a call from my aunt who had been rear ended so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the hospital so she could get checked out. Other than that I’ve been busy with orders and the larger one I’ve been working on today has needed to be unpicked several times. On the plus side I have learnt a new beading technique and will post about it tomorrow.

hopefully the new week will not be so busy and I’ll be able to do more beading. Fingers crossed.

As always Lou.


I’ve gotten back to work on the hard slog that is my Fibonacci sequence project. It is by far the hardest project I have worked on today and not just because it took so many failed attempts to make it work. the modified CRAW stitch I came up with to keep it accurate is a massive pain and just takes so damn long. it also poses challenges with the solid 3d attempt as the more rows of beads added the harder it is to add in the next one as it becomes less flexible. And the open 3d attempt is too flexible and not sable enough to stand without support of some kind the problem is finding a non-obtrusive way to add in those support that I will be ok with.

its funny how deceptively easy this project looks but is much harder and complex than some of my most complex looking projects that boiled down to very easy and simple steps. I had wanted to add in several more cubes to this project but at the moment it will have to stop with the black cube on each sequence. I’ll most likely add in a second flat sequence to go with the open 3d sequence, so that it’s a complete set. I feel that it will be well into next year before I manage to complete up to the black squares on all of the sequences, given how long it takes to bead on this project.

I’ve mentioned working on a set of ornaments for my friend Penny and am currently attempting to do a tree topper based off a pattern by Carolyn DeGroff and a tree topper pattern by DiMarca Online, hopefully it will turn out nicely as I have a few other Christmas things to do. And talking about things to do I have work soon and lots of beading to be getting on with. till Saturday.


New and Old projects

So here is a little decorated Christmas tree I had been contemplating and just so you know making the tinsel was a pain. It’s kinda dorky and makes me think of sticking it on a head band and wearing it as a super dorky Christmas hat. the intention had been to go back to work on another Christmas project after this but the stars I had already done have gone missing for the moment so its back to the Fibonacci project. And I’ve misplaced a pattern for another Christmas project so that’s fun.

I couldn’t help but test out these new beads, what a difference they make. They might not be my fave beads by any strech of the imagination but they are still fun to play with, given their size. So expect to see a few projects made with them here and there, if only for an amusing comparison to my other projects. Given the lenght vs. width ratio compared to the smaller beads there are a few things I can’t do with them, like making a flat pentagon (I did try). Still they will come in handy, its just a shame that they are plastic of all things. So another reason not to use them alot.

Millie moo, has been inserting herself into the beading process as being a cat she is of course all that matters in life and nothing else should ever get in the way of that. Pats and scratches are of the upmost importance and come before all else. We don’t always see eye to eye on this point but we make it work except for the few occasions she decided my thread was a play toy and had to be escorted out of the room. Cats sulking is rather funny though I did feel bad and give her extra pats

Ghost and baby dino patterns by Bead Crumbs, Hawaii. Check out

And the peg board is up and in use, though I need some more pegs. The vibrant strip earrings are what I was trying to teach my friend beading on. Well its I should be getting ready for work soon so I’ll be off.


The Golden Orb

So Friday’s posts are being moved to Saturday as I don’t work on weekends and it will be much easer to do at least one of my posts on a day I’m not working.

As you can see from the photo I just had enough beads to finish the Golden Dodecahedron. It was a close call, though not the closest, there was one time when I had the exact amount I needed and not one bead extra! Well it is a relief to have this little beauty finished and not have to wait for who knows how long to order more beads, especially at this busy time of year. So this second origami inspired ball was also based on Tomoko Fuse’s little turtle. I’d love to be able to direct you to the blog that inspired this particular interpretation but unfortunately it has been delated at sometime since then and today. I truly hope the author of the blog knows how amazing and inspiring they are, because this piece would not be here without them. If anyone knows who authored please let me know.

It is also inspired by the vast history of gold that permeates every culture, in one form or another. I’m not sure I under stand gold lust, but it is a rather pretty sight when it glimmers in a sculpted form. Unlike pure gold the gold lining in the glass beads will eventually come off leaving the beads looking rather dull. It has already happened to a few of the beads in the orb and when a number of the rest have gone the same way the beads will be left stained but partially transparent, and the threads will show. It will be kinda sad but also interesting in its own right. I have ideas for clear beads so keep an eye out.

Anyway check out my instagram account for videos of this lovely Golden creation. Or my twitter account if that is more you thing. Scroll down for a larger photo.

On the other than beading front I had lunch at the 9th Lane Grind with my aunty Joan after picking my mum up from the airport. It was a delish burger, and the cafe is very hipster. I might not be into the whole hipster thing but my god do they eat good food. Its always such fun to try new foods and places, though I’ve been to the 9th Land Grind a while ago with mum.

So I my friend Penny expressed an interest in learning to bead but if you can see the small orange dot next to the purple bead then you will know the beads I use are ridiculously small. But determined to make it work and have someone to bead with and inspired by Suzanne Golden AKA Beadygurl_duchess_of_dover who is currently making the most awesome creating inspired by snapology origami with larger pearler beads, we went out and brought pearler beads to practice on. I can’t wait until we get to use them.

Now that I have a few ‘larger’ sculptures, I might start looking into galleries, the Artspace in my home town has a program for local artists and maybe if I get my work out there some one will ask QAGOMA to show my work with would be super exciting.

All the best Lou…

One Busy Week…

Despite my best intentions I never got around to posting on Monday as there has just been so much going on with inductions and family. Hopefully all my out of hours work stuff is done as it has been a bit of a headache. I also visited my surrogate Nephew for the first time this week, he is so damn cute. As you can see in the photo mum finished the reindeer and he is now decorating my desk. My friend Penny’s dad made a peg board for the both of us to display our jewellery on which is so cool and when I get some pegs, I’ll finally have somewhere hang my handmade earrings.

Unfortunately one of my uncles passed away. Mum flew down to Brisbane but the funeral might be held in Mackay next week. With the passage of time family members and friends pass away. And yet life just keeps moving on.

I went to the markets today and the baker was back. A jam donut and a loaf of bread latter with a coffee of course. The photo dose not do the bread justice but it is delish, and has so much flavour for bread.

really nothing bets fresh bread baked with care. Oh and I brought some locally grown blueberries that are way better than store brought ones will little to no flavour.

I’m not as far along with this honeycomb sphere as I wanted to be but that is life for you. With everything that has been going on I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it. Still there are only 3 and a bit more sections to go until it is done. And once it is finished I shall start looking into exhibitions and spaces selling art work. As much as I want to keep it all together, my growing collection is not doing much good hidden away at home.

I was playing around with an idea for another sphere in silver, as I’m interested in doing a gold and silver collection, each piece in one solid colour, either gold or silver and each in a different finish, like the silver lined gold above or the solid silver on the right.

I think it looks cool and am thinking about making a few Christmas trees with mini stars on top, what do you think? if I do a few in different sizes it would look really cute. I could also maybe decorate them using the netting technique, so that it looked decorated with fine tinsel and ornaments. Well I’ll get around to making some and give it ago.

Well it will soon be time to start getting ready for work so I’ll sign off now.

Catch Ya Later, Lou

Monday to Friday

Millie demanding attention

It seems strange to be working a Monday to Friday job again, as well as being at home all the time. I like being at home but I also miss being unavailable for periods of time. Out at the camps when I wasn’t working I could just spend my own time beading and reading and only ever be interrupted by a quick phone call. At home there is always so much going on and a lot of the time if anyone want to hang out its like Lou is just beading, like she alway is and interrupting her frequently doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong I like spending time with people, but at the same time I don’t want hanging out to become my life. And coffee never just seems to be coffee, it always ends up as hours out of the house doing other things I didn’t really want to be doing.

It can be really hard when you are passionate about something and people don’t take you seriously or treat what you are doing as unimportant. Especially when it comes to art. Art is such a huge part of our lives and shapes so much of our world and happiness but so many people see it as unimportant. Art is the canary in the coal mine, of society; it is an accurate indicator of how a society is doing. Art is what keeps me going. It is what I live for.

Ok now for the actual art. I just realised that I am much further along on this project than I had thought 😂. For some reason in my head it was like, 20 sections. That is standard for most of my sphere projects. However this is a dodecahedron which only has 12 faces so one more face and I’ll be half way done and even better news I really should have enough beads, though it might be a close thing. I wish you could see it shaping up in real life, photos just don’t do the actually shape justice. Even the videos don’t really show how cool it is. Anyway if I have enough gold beads this baby will be finished next week So I can blog about it then.

On the earring front I’ve made these over sized star earrings which will hopefully be popular as large earrings seem to be a thing at the moment. And I designed some funky square link earrings which I’m not sure about. The are unique and would appeal to someone but maybe not anyone in my home town. They might just ended up in my personal collection which has expanded rapidly in the last few weeks even though I don’t wear jewellery a lot.

Oh and the reindeer my mum was making that I posted about is done and looks totally cute, so I will have to post a photo for you lot next week.

Other than that there is not much else going on, my instagram followers had been sitting just under 1670 and I thought it was going to tip over last night but currently I’m getting a number of people following my account, without any likes or interactions, properly in the hopes that I’ll instantly follow them back and then then unfollowing me and moving on to the next account. Its really shitty but there isn’t anything that can be done about it except not follow them. I follow a lot of people on instagram, almost as many accounts that follow me but I only follow accounts that I’m interested in. Sometimes though I’ll come across a cool account with heaps of followers and they are following next to none and I think that is just shitty so I don’t bother following those accounts even though I like their content. We’re all trying to get by and we should all make an attempt to support other people and following accounts on any app that you like is a very easy way to do that.

anyway hope you are having a good day, Lou.

Work, money and life

coffee and banana muffin from local farmers market

I have to say that after my first night of my new job I was looking forward to a jam donut from the Artisan Baker at the markets this morning but unfortunately he wasn’t there. Sill I got a good coffee from MAD Cow Coffee Mackay and some banana muffins from a banana grower.

Is it bad that I’ve only just started this new job and want to leave? I guess I’m just dissatisfied with having to do a job I have no interest in to pay the bills. As there is not a lot of job options out there, I’m sure a lot of other people are feeling the same thing especially now.

Really all I want to do is make art and amaze people but making money from handmade goods is notoriously hard to make a decent living from and I don’t have the connections or body of work to make a go of an art career yet.

I haven’t made a decorated bauble in a while as they can be hard to fix the netting beads on, but they do look cool. I’ll have to make some more soon. This one is an old one, where I used larger beads in the joints as I did not like how other people were doing their joints. Then I figured out that I could do points in brick stitch and it would work in seamlessly with the rest of the beadwork, which is great because the finish would always rub off the larger beads, even though they did look nice to start with. It looks like the company that makes the crystals I use in the decorations will be stopping production of them which really sucks.

On the sculpture font I am getting about one section done per day. So all up it will take about twenty days give or take a few days depending on what else I am up to and how busy I am with work. Fingers crossed that I have enough beads to get it finished without having to stop and wait until I can get more. It’s hard to tell at the moment if there is enough.

I’ve also been thinking of making more artistic earrings to sell as earrings are a big thing at the moment.

I’ve been struggling to figure out what to make a friend of mine for Christmas, we are doing the whole handmade thing but she is rather fussy. After talking with Jayne she came up with this fun octopus design which you can buy on her site or on her etsy page. its super cute and I’m sure my friend is going to love it.

Next time, Lou & Millie

Experiments all round

Well it feels like it should still be the weekend and although I’m having no problem staying up late or sleeping I feel rather shit at the moment. Hopefully my body will adjust to the new sleeping pattern in the next few days.

On my Christmas tree bauble experiment, the latest one looks good but as expected its just a bit too short, So I’ll try adding in two extra rows before attaching the base. Hopefully that will mean both the width and heigh problems are fixed.

More exciting news is that my instagram ac is inching up to 2k followers, which is kind of mind blowing and I’m so grateful for everyone who follows my beading journey. Mostly its just me doing my own thing, in between work, family and friends so every like, comment and follow is just amazing. And you are also fantastic too, my little blog has made it 10 followers already, which is unexpected. I also created a twitter account as one of my instagram followers asked if I had an account. @EtwTerP shared a tweet with a link to my insta account and its been retweeted 6 times.

Clearly I’ve not gotten much Christmas stuff done last week but I did make this odd little puffy start after seeing a post by Geometiles of some stars made from Geometiles, that were so cute. now mine looks a bit different as making it with beads translated in shape differently but I think I can make one that looks more like the Geometiles if I make it with squares before adding in the points of the stars. Hopefully I can save up for Christmas and buy myself a large set of Geometiles to make models from so I can make insanely complicated shapes that are hard to figure out from imagination alone.

I saw a beaded Dodecahedron some time ago and had been meaning to get around to making one, I joined mine slightly differently and while it looks cool the slight difference in the join seems to have affected the over all tension of the shape, So I’ll have to make another one using the other join. I think it’s because of the lack of beads in the corners, which seems to make a huge difference in the structure of beadwork.

Talking of Dodecahedrons my next large project is on the desk. Fingers crossed that I will have enough beads to make finish it, because it will be a close call as far as I can tell. the photo is of the first section on the pentagon starter, which makes starting each section so much easier on larger works. it kind of reminds me of bee hives and honey. I did experiment with a pattern but decided on one solid colour because it looks cool and who doesn’t love gold.

And last but not least are my glazed 2d donuts. I was inspired by Jayne’s cute 2d patterns and wanting a donut pattern I designed my own. Its been a while since I made any 2d patterns and I doubt I’ll be making a lot of them but you might see some from time to time.

My attempt at Ursula for my friend’s Christmas present is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment after several tries the bottom half is on point with the tentacles, dress and necklace. The top half is out of proportion and while clearly meant to be Ursula it just looks off. I’ll have another crack at it and if it’s any good I’ll share some pictures. Of course I won’t be selling any Ursula earrings if the pattern works as I don’t have the licence to do so and doubt it would be worth my time getting it.

Well this post is longer than I had meant to make it so nighty night, Lou