First post of 2021

I might possibly have too many photos on my phone from the last five years for Icloud to handle. That’s not to say that I haven’t deleted thousands over the last few years, because I have and I’ve even deleted a thousand or so in the last two days trying to update my lates photos onto my laptop with the least amount of hassle. It hasn’t worked though and I am only up to the penguin photos of 2017.

A photo cull might be some what over dew, especially for my London trip as I took so many and a lot of them were really not that great or even interesting. Anyway in loo of beading photos here is a photo of me from grade one or two when i was at West Mackay, judging from the shirt colours. Now don’t get me wrong I love my hair but I do wish it was still this lovely light blonde.

I started at West Mackay, and then in grade three I was moved to St. Mary’s where I spent the rest of primary school before moving to Mackay State or Milton St for high school. Then I was at Shalom in Bundaberg for grade eleven and back to finish school at Milton St. You can’t tell from the photo but I hate school. I was just one of those kids that didn’t fit in, having had a rather unusual childhood. I can’t remember my very first day at school, but my first day at St. Mary’s I howled and begged my mother not to leave me. All the other kids though I was weird, still that didn’t stop me from crying my heart out on the first day of the next year either.

I have been a busy bee since my last post and though I had meant to post on Wednesday as well I didn’t get there after spending almost all day out with my mum and aunt. Last night I had also meant to make a post but after struggling with the photos and then for lord only knows what reason, I felt the compulsion to draw mazes well into the night. It’s amazing I managed to function to day. Anyway tomorrow or Monday I’ll do a post about what I’ve been working on and some time soon I’ll do a post with a few photos from London.

Any who its late again so I’ll catch ya next time, Lou

Glass Forest

Ok so four trees dose not make a forest but its a good start. I’ve got a plan hatching and one of them will be a thank you gift. The second smallest one at the front took the most time to make as I used the same technique as the tinsel and while I’ll make some more in different sizes I won’t be making a boat load of them. Still I think I can write up a pattern for the trees, so maybe I’ll be selling patterns for them eventually.

I finally got around to making flowers for my mini vase with the help of a youtube tutorial by Rukodelie TV and some very off beat captions. they are super cute and easy enough to make so expect to see more of them worked into things.

On a different note its back to work this arvo, though it’s only the two days this week. So not really worth while but its better than nothing I guess. Still I’ve been applying for new jobs as there really has to be something more suitable out there.

Here is one CRAW stitch. It’s not by fave stitch by any means but it is fantastic for making cubic sculptures. For each cube or ‘stitch’ it takes 20 beads, if you are making an augmented CRAW creation, its less if you are making the usual CRAW as each stitch is interconnected with the ones around it. CRAW tends to take more time and beads than other stitches and augmenting it takes even longer.

I’ve been thinking about the square project for the beadwork museum and what to do for it, and how to do anything with in the finicky parameters required to do it this way would end up being too large for the square if I was to make six squares like this so I think I might have to work from the outside in. I can also try something in the ordinary CRAW, but we shall see what happens. I do need to figure it out soon though as its dew in a few months and as this month as demonstrated life is busy.

I’ve also been working on my first order for next year (the dark purple bauble), playing with colours, to get the mix right and on an old set that I want to finish (the pink).

anyway I’ll try to post again tomorrow on the correct day with a bit more about all that is currently going on and with future plans, but I have to start getting ready for work soon so I’ll sign off now.


Christmas Eve 2020

Well its been a year; and one to remember at that. For me it has been full of ups and downs but I’ve come through it and am starting next year on a positive. I have a professional photoshoot booked in for the 13th and I’ve been accepted to sell art on Art Lovers Australia, which is fantastic. I already have my first order for next year, and an application form my local gallery.

I hope we all have a fantastic year ahead after making it through 2020. I’ll be posting more about 2021 in my next post. Who knows exactly what will happen but we can always hope and maybe I might even win the lottery and buy my dream property and spend more time making art. A girl can dream. May tomorrow bring you joy, in this time of darkness.

All the best wishes Lou.

One busy week

Its been super busy and feels like nothing is really getting done, and Christmas is just way too soon. Anyway I finally got around to doing a longer video of my current collection that I still have at home, baring a few Christmas gifts and works in progress, though some of those are on the table to along with JiJi. I posed the video up only on my FB art page as I’m not really comfortable with making videos, and figured that only the dedicated would go to view it. If you are interested in watching it it’s called OMG Beads and Cat and is on my FB page Delicate by Lou. I’m thinking of posting it on my youtube page but am not really keen on the idea.

I missed posting yesterday as I took my amazing friend Miss Penny out for driving practice so she can get her licence and here is a photo of us in a tree because I was having loads of fun playing soccer in heels, with a coconut and climbing trees. Am I an adult? its debatable ๐Ÿ™‚ Along with her mum and son we had a great day out and even stoped in at the Organic store at the leap and had lunch. When we got back I held my first beading ‘class’ with the three of them and Deb, Pennys mum did so well. We’ve had so much trouble catching up lately so it was great to be able to spend the day together. And time just flew by, so that it was pretty much time to get ready for work when I got home.

Ashton and I also had fun mucking around with the pearler beads and melting them together the way you are meant to. This is a cool little character from among us. I’ll have to work on melting them evenly but its cool and a fun way to chill when I need a break from beading. Ashton made his own design with out a pattern, being really creative. I was also impressed with how he gave beading ago before deciding it wasn’t for him.

I’m getting there with the final star for my last order of the year and would have had more of it done today but there was a power outage for a few hours and I struggled to work though the heat, even moving outside. And then I gave up and had a nap with Millie who decided that despite of the heat we had to nap together and she had to nap on top of me. Cats. ๐Ÿˆ

I am detriment to get this star finished tomorrow morning and get it into the lady so that it’s done and she has them before Christmas.

Speaking of orders I have my first for next year which is cool and it’s also my biggest so far. Hopefully a good sign for the year to come.

I also only have short weeks of work this week and next week so I’ll have more time to focus on beading and not be so drained but at the same time I’ll be earning less money so its a mixed bag. I’ll also be able to spend more time working on my blog and will hopefully get around to finishing and posting the pages for it I’ve been planning.

Also on the cards are a series of baubles and decorations (and other things of beadwork I’ll sell) so that I can have a visual guide for the difference sizes so people can make a more informed decision. And also some visual guides for pattern choice. I’m still deciding what colours to chose for the guide but I’m thinking chalk white with gold or maybe black. More complex patterns with three or more colours will have to wait till further down the track for their own visual guides.

Well I’ll catch you next time and will try to be more consistent with posting but I hope you all have happy holidays, a merry Christmas and an excellent new year.


P.S. Thank you all so much for all the support it means so much to me that you all want to see my beadwork and know more about it.

A day of family

Today we held a funeral for one of my uncles. Due to a miss communication my cousin and I were a little late. It was a touching affair with the old veterans and his fellow rural fire fighter brigade in attendance. To be honest I didn’t really know him that well, and I don’t really know much of my extended family beyond slight acquaintance; we share a family bond and meet at the occasional family when we attend, and make small talk. My uncles and aunts have a closer bond and of course they have a close bond with their own children but that is as far as it goes. We are have our own lives going on and most of us have little in common.

Well I hope my uncle and his brothers and son, and parents are all at peace. I can’t say that I believe in an afterlife but I truly hope that there is one.

Take Care Lou.

Moving Foward

Hey guys here is one of four custom star’s I’ve designed for a custom order. It was a bit hard to get the balance right as one name was longer than the others and I didn’t want to make the stars too big given the price I quoted. This was the largest one and while it’s pretty I’m not really happy that the e’s run into each other though they do make a pretty flower.

Its been yet another busy week with cat sitting for my aunt as she went on holidays with work and beading. I also went to a curator’s talk at my local art space.

This is the second of four stars, and the name sits much better but dose not stand out as much because of the shine on the beads and how close the shade of the two colours are.

I think with the side and time it takes to design each individual star I’ll only be offering them from $30 and up in the future as they take more work than other stars. I’m sure people will still buy them as personalised items seem to be in vogue at the moment.

On Saturday I wen to a Curator’s talk at the Art Space by Dr. Eliza Burke on the Systematic art show that features eight Australian artists, that explore the links between systems and the human. It was an interesting exhibition and I really loved the set this was apart of though I unfortunately failed to find the name of the artist. I might have to go back at some stage as I can’t find it on the net. Its not the most interesting laser cut paper art I’ve ever seen but it is displayed in such a cool way. My camera added in the extra pink, something to do with the lights.

Millie moo has been rather instance on petting lately, luckily for her she is so damn cute.

When I was at the Art Space I did quiz the lovely volunteers about how the exhibitions were chosen and one of the Ladies in charge over heard our conversation and printed off an application for for me.

The Exhibition program is for 2022-2024 which seems like a good while off but is really not that far away. And is assessed on innovation and Diversity 20%
*Generate discussion and debate about new ideas/issues in art and culture (10%) I think the fact that I work with a little used medium will partly cover this one.
*promote and inspire diversity and/or attract diverse audiences (10%) I’ll have to think about this one a bit, I do have a beading audience and a math audience and followers from all over the world so that will help. I’ll need to work on building a diverse audience here in mackay.

quality 30%
* present a coherent body of work (10%)
this part is covered, it will all be in the one medium and will be about exploration of that medium and creating art with that medium. I’ll have to have a theme to tie it all together.
*present a well defined exhibition rationale and strong exhibition concept (10%) Well I was fantastic at concepts in Art class in high school so this shouldn’t be too hard
*Include a considered exhibition layout (10%) And this one will require some thought but again can be done easily enough.

New/perviously unseen work 10% well with at least a year to three years this can be done, it just means I’ll have to not post photos of a few projects.

Artistic Competencies 20%
* Demonstrate previous exhibiting experience (10%)
well this is a big fat no. I’ll have to look around town and see if I can find any where small and less formal where i can maybe have a showing somewhere.
*Include images of artworks of a high standard 10% I’m going to apply for art funding so hopefully I can do this one with out knocking out my savings acc. but if not I’ll just have to budget for it as high quality images are really important.

Connection to Mackay 20%
*Proposals from artists/s or curator/s from the Mackay Regional Council area 10%
Well I have this one covered as I’m a local and was born here and am the third generation to call Mackay home.
*Exhibition rationales/concepts that relate to the unique character of the Mackay region 10% This one will be a bit harder but I can create artwork with Mackay in mind, we have a lot in our region, from beaches to mountains and rainforest, sugar cane (we’re known as the sugar capital of australia) to coal. Apparently in 2018 we had over 80,000 residents and I’m sure that number has increased. We also have history with the area being inhabited by the Local Yuibera people and having Cape Palmerston, Slade Point and Cape Hillsborough named by Cap. James Cook. Then John Mackay led an expedition and decided to settle the land. After that Mackay became a port of entry for settlers. The local Yuibera people did what they could to defend their land and the settlers set the police on them to terrorise them with violence and massacre. History from all over the world is filled with such horrible happenings, It’s a wonder the human race has managed to survive at all. We also have cyclones, floods, two royal visits and a consort by Elton John.

So there is a lot to work with. and that is not to mention the local fauna and flora.

***Arr I ending up having to go to work before this post was finished and had meant to post it after I got home but completely forgot. I’m sure its of better quality today. than it would have been last night so that is something.

‘Till next time Lou.

16 Days till Christmas

Well here is the Christmas order I’ve been talking about, i took it in to my friend Penny’s work this morning and ended up taking another order, which will likely be my last for the year. Given that I’ve made next to no effort to get orders, the hand full that I’ve gotten isn’t bad at all. I love this set and am making some more stars to go with it with a twist on the colours, though it will match. Hopefully next year I’ll get to add to this set with baubles and some more stars. lol.

It’s hard to see just how pretty this looks in the photo but this is what I am making for her Christmas present, to go with the set she brought. I love the colours though the white beads in this one are a massive pain but still I’d love to get my hands on more eventually. They catch the light nicely. When I have some more beads I’ll do my own set not sure in what colour scheme but I’ll have fun playing around with patterns. Though this one is always fantastic. Some times simple is best.

And here is a snowman, isn’t it just so cute? I love them so much and they are great to make. I really want to buy more of Julia S. Pretl’s box patterns are they are all just amazing like this one.

I had wanted to make some in a fan art colour scheme but it will have to wait as I’ve run out of the white beads. I won’t tell you which fan art so you’ll have to keep an eye out for them next year.

And then there is this latest cubetastic creation in progress. It will only be five cubes big as the structure gets fiffy any bigger than that but I’m planing to make one starting from the five by five cube with two rows of bead work to make it more structurally sound so that I can go bigger as I really love this colour combo. And I also want to do a version that spirals around which will be really cool. I decided to do the foot print first before going up into 3d, that way it would be harder to muck up. Some times planning is a good idea. Anywho I’ve got work tonight to I had better get a move on.

Catch ya later, Lou

Just keep beading.

I ended up being super busy and tired on Saturday and had good intentions of posting on Sunday but live just keeps rolling on and rolling me along with it. Though I have better progress shots to share today so that might have been just as well.

My latest TokyoTreat box arrived on Saturday eventing of all times and was ‘hidden’ on one of the chairs outside as we werenโ€™t at home. It’s a bit devastating that I cancelled my subscription today so only have one more box to look forward to, but I couldn’t justify the expense right now. If you have not tried Japanese marshmallows then you really need to they are divine, full of soft, sweet flavour and so squishy as marshmallows should be. I’ll also have to cut back on buying books which is really more devastating but I have enough reading material (unread) for a few months and can really be more picky when buying books. I can also reread what I have so there is that. While I don’t miss working out at the mines one little bit, I do miss the money and with wanting to buy a more suitable car (there is really nothing wrong with mine, it’s just old and ill suited to me (it was a compromise as my dad was trying to get me to buy an even more ill suited car) personally.) And wanting to buy a new bed with a much softer mattress like my old one I had to sell after moving. I might just be cheeky and buy only a mattress to save money, who needs a base? lol.

Ok and let’s move on to the beading which you would rather hear about. So I had meant to be good and go back to making Christmas items but I just had to experiment with and idea for the structural of my open Fibonacci sequence project only I got side tracked by how beautifully the matte black and iris blue beads look together (no the photo just dose not do them justice). This one is going to be an odd little odd beat project and I would love to do more projects in this combination . if only you could see how stunning the colour comb is. I have plans to get more in the future.

On the flat Fibonacci sequence project I’ve made some progress but it is slow going on all of them and this one has more beads then the open one, but i only have five more rows of black cubes togo and then I will go back to working on the solid 3d adaptation. It’s still mid orange cube and is proving a tough customer. But I am sure I’ll get there eventually. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it past seven cubes but we shall see with time.

I’m pleased with the progess I’ve made even’ if it has been slow going and a bit of a slog.

And well here is a top view of the 3d open Fibonacci sequence project. As you can see the larger two cubes are not sitting straight by them selves and I’ve yet to decide what to do about that though I have a few options, including adding wire in the cubes. It would be nice to be able to have clear glass cubes to insert into the middle of the bigger ones to keep them inform without adding in supporting beams of beads but that would be extremely difficult to achieve and expensive to boot.

Well I had better get back to working on my bead work.

All the best Lou.

And Life goes on

I feel like being late has become a thing and I really doin’t like it at all. but life just keeps rolling on no matter my plans. So I finished that tree topper I was talking about in my last post. Normally with a star this large I would stuff it to fill it out and have it keep its shape but as this one has to be open to go on the tree I can’t do that. Still its cute and not bad for a first go at a tree topper. Especially considering it was modified from two patterns. Hopefully Penny likes it.

And I spent today finishing a snowman one of my aunts asked for.

So I don’t have any progress shots to share with you so here is a photo of my first polyhedron sculpture. this was back when I was using larger beads as gap fillers and they do look good while the coating on them lasts, but they soon look rather crap which is why I stoped using them. And also because I figured out that I could used brick stitch to fill in the gaps seamlessly. I’ll have to redo this one one day in my up dated style. Its a fun shape and I love the colours although the white did not age well, which is a shame. It’s hard to tell from the photo but it did not have the last dome in when I took this photo, but I have added it in since then, because I couldn’t leave it unfinished. I’ve still yet to make the monstrosity that got me into making shapes in the first place but maybe soon.

Talking about early projects that I want to redo and complete is this set done with the same white beads that did not age well. I have two more spheres to add to this set but I want to leave these ones alone and just redo the set. the blue one makes a really cute bauble in Christmas colours I’ll have to make more next year.

well the next few days will also be busy so my next post will properly be a short one but we shall see.

talk to you next time Lou.

New techniques, tricks and beads

I’ve seen a few cool beadwork pieces done in bead quilling So I decided to give it ago as I have a few ideas that should translate well with bead quilling. Its an interesting technique that focuses on showing the thread as apart of the artwork and shows potential for creating artwork that would otherwise be out of the bounds of other forms of beading. It won’t replace my passion for the peyote and herringbone combination but I will make at least one or two artworks with it and see where it takes me.

I quite like how easy it would be to take this technique in any direction to create a 3d piece and have seen a few that curved easily in places, in a way that you just don’t get with other stitches. I also like being able to show off the thread and just how much thread work there is in even a simple piece. This small Dimond used the better part of a meter of thread. It is also a great way to add in extra colour into the beadwork and not just rely on the beads alone.

I started this pearler sphere the other week and then got swamped with life, so only finished it today. I really only made it to work as a comparison for my other bead work with its large size. It is roughly of a size with most of my larger geometric sculptures. I do kind of love the pop look to it with the sold, bold colours framed with black. Given the length vs. width ratio compared to the delicals I usually use it turned out rather pointed like the size 15s, which had the same kind of lenght vs. width ratio.

You can see in the photo on the right just how big it is compared to a size 15s sphere, even made a whole row shorter. You can also see the colours better in this photo. I used five different colours + the black for this sphere wanting to change it up a bit and it worked out well, with four triangles of each colour. I might make a few more shapes with the pearler beads to us as visual comparisons when displaying my other work. It’s already doing that job in my own display cabint I share with my cousin at home as you can see in the photo below.

On the topic of displaying my work I did hear back from the local community artist program after a few days and have realised that it would only be worth while for an established artist with a large local audience as all that was really provided for a price was the shared space which I am reliably informed is a low traffic area (by acquaintances). I had hoped that the displays would have some marketing done by the managers of the space to promote the program but it seems that little is done to support the local artists and most of what is done, is by volunteers. So I concluded that it would be a lot of running around and expense (marketing and what not) for two weeks of low traffic exposure to a possibly disinterested audience. The price of living in an industrial orientated community.

I’m glad to say that my aunt is doing well after her accident on Saturday and treated myself and my mum to lunch as thanks for picking her up and insisting she get checked out at the hospital just in case. My dad came over this morning to get me to sort out his super so that was fun, but it went better than on Thursday when he didn’t have some of the information and insisted that I still had it from last time. I sorted out my filing cabinet incase I was wrong and did still have it but found nothing. I gave him his paper work back again but kept a copy of the numbers needed for the claim for the next time he wants money so that it goes a lot more smoothly and I can get it over and done with quickly. Why he believes it’s my responsibility to keep track of all his paperwork is a mystery but I think its a I looked after you as a child thing and now its your turn. Apparently I have to look forward to helping him sort out a prepaid funeral in July when his death cover runs out thanks to the lady on the phone who kindly mentioned it would run out on his 70th birthday this year. GURR. Oh well its keeps life mildly interesting. I wonder how long pre paid funerals are valid for? I recon the old man will live till he’s a hundred, or at least into his nineties. We’ve always semi joked about how he’ll out live us all, given what a tough old codger he is.
Anyway there’s only a few hours till work and I want to get some more of my Fibonacci done, before getting back to work on another order tomorrow. It will make five orders so far, I’ve got a little notebook keeping track of them for tax porpoises, no sense in getting into trouble with the tax man over a few dollars.

Alright catch ya later Lou.