Flowers and thoughts

I am a chronic over thinker and it can often be hard to get out of my own way. The hard truth is that most of the time you just have to keep moving forward step by step without analysis of every single step. I started the day by making a net flower and then freaked out about creating something new and had convinced myself that I needed to come up with more flowers before making what flowers I had in different colours. Really I just needed to make flowers in different colours to start with. And once that happened inspiration for another flower appeared.

On the button front Dad brought a heap for me, I’ll be rolling in buttons for years, even after sorting them out yesterday into the ones I want to keep and the ones I don’t. And though I have yet to use anyone of the ones dad has given me I have made use of several buttons, in fact five of my flowers have button centres so far and they look great. one in the photo is quite obviously a button but so are the pearly white centres. A few more are bezel and waiting.

The other thing is Christmas. I’ve made a start with a Christmas themed star today, and plan to do one Christmas item a day, so that by the time Christmas actually comes around I shall be ready.

well thats it for now, I’ve got a lot of beading to do.

Night until I have something new.


My beading dreams

Dress designed by me

Well writing post at night has apparently become a thing, though I’m gonna put in more of an effort to write Fridays some time during the actual day. My family are always up to something and it is very easy to get distracted with coffee, lunch, dinner and the like. As fun as it is it can also be very frustrating. But anyway this is a post about where I’d like to be in the future with my beadwork.

Really the dream is to have someone to work with, especially if they were good at writing patterns, because I struggle with writing them and end up putting it off and not doing it. which is bad.

My other dream the one I really aspire to is having my beaded sculptures in a gallery and maybe some of by beaded dresses in the met costume institute one day, once I have made some works that are more glorious. Well a girl can hope and given all the high school, style modern art out there selling for a hot fortune it can’t be that hard of a dream to aspire too. Although I’d rather hope that I make something actually worth being in a gallery. It might be at least a few years off in the future but I am determined to get there and work hard to earn my spot too.

Some times with all the other artists out there, talented and otherwise it can seem a bit like the impossible dream but really that is not going to stop me. And hopefully sometime soon I can find someone to work with, even if they are not beading but doing something that can lead to a colab.

In the more current future I shall be posting photos of brooch WIPs. I’ve been bezel centres and tomorrow morning before my dad visits with buttons, I’ll be doing some more up.

Anyway night for now. Lou

Mirror, Mirror on the ball…

I might still be a bit of a tomboy but I do have a massive girly streak, which might explain why I took to beading. Because lets face it, like a niffler I really love anything shinny as long as I don’t have to wear it.

So it was really only time before i found a way to incorporate mirrors into my beadwork, and no surprise but they are fantastic. I cannot wait to get more, though it will be some time unfortunately. Anyway given that I was working with a new material, I went for a simple icosahedron and bezel the mirrors, inspired by Tri-wings from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon and the team. Icosahedrons are my stock standard but they are cool and for such a simple shape they inspire so much creativity.

It turns out that adding the mirrors adds so structural integrity that my solid bead work usually doesn’t have, which meant that there were no bells added to fill the ball. I could have added them of course but that seemed like a waste since they weren’t needed. I have to say that I also liked the look of the extra layer to join the triangle together, its some thing I have been thinking about trying out for a while now but had been putting off.

Tomorrow it will be back to working on brooches and buttons and I also have a more exciting project that I will be starting as an experiment but more about that in the next post.

Nighty night, Lou distracted by Spotify.

Experiments, Mirrors and Feeling

I have been waiting for what seems a long time for my mirror mosaic tiles to arrive and today I have finally gotten to work with some of them. A simple sphere will be my first creation with them as I want to see how they sit in the beadwork and effect the general out come before moving on to any of my grander ideas.

Today has been a bit of a struggle with getting up late and a general feeling of being directionless. Some days it is hard to keep pushing ahead with my beadwork, when there is no way of knowing what path I should follow. We each have a finite amount of time on earth to achieve anything and knowing that even great artist like Van Gogh struggled their whole lives to get anywhere is rather disheartening.

You’d think that having people tell me how amazing and talented I am would boost my confidence and ego; and as nice as it is, I know there are so many talented artists out there in a sea of artists many of who are skilled at marketing themselves and their artwork.

Anyway today I’ve set my dad on the task of looking out for fancy buttons at the op shops, which means I will now be inundated with buttons, however I have plans for some of them and it will hopefully distract him from buying random things for me like clowns, and boxes and whatnots that I have to hold onto until someone can drop them off in an op shop of another township, so that he dosen’t end up buying them for me again. There is this one beading book that I brought a copy of years ago and never really used that dad found in an op shop and brought, and then brought another copy of and then another copy because he didn’t remember that I already had it. So even after selling one copy I still ended up with three. He’s a good dad, but sometimes frustrating as all parents can be.

On the brooch front i’ve made four different flowers with others to come and have a plan to make stars and have even found some of my old flat stones that can be turned into something unique. I even have plans to do up some of my pins (I have a collection) into interesting designs. And I have not been neglecting my Fibonacci project but it has been giving me grief, it might only get as large as six or seven cubes in its set.

Sorry about yet another late post.


New Tricks – Bezel Rivoli

A flower loosely based of Vezsuzsi’s Deron flower pendant.

Now Bezel has been around for some time now but it is the first time I have gotten around to trying my hand at it. With the help of youtube tutorials and a pattern I had brought some time ago I soon had this trick down pat, even if I’m still working on the flowers to my own satisfaction. It can be said that I already have a full plate but after a trip to Sarina last week and finding my new fave shop it was pointed out to me that Brooches are selling well and for a decent price.

Jewellery is not my fave thing to create but brooches are an interesting fashion accessory that can be a unique artistic expression in a way that other jewellery can’t be no matter how artistic. At any rate I figured it was about time a learnt how to bezel and start incorporating more techniques into my work. Don’t get me wrong I will still be making items with only one or two techniques but I also want to branch out a bit and explore more of what is possible with beadwork. it can be frustrating getting all the types of beads in all the right colours though and I only have limited supplies of anything other than Delicas, so it could be a while before any large works with extra bead types and gems are underway.

But thanks to Allie Buchman and Potomacbeads on Youtube I can now bezel a rivoli and Suzsanna Veres of BeadsbyVezsuzsi I can turn them into flowers, even if I am rather notable for not sticking to a pattern as fantastic as it is. Even If I don’t end up selling brooches it had been en enriching experience and has made me think about where I am going. Maybe I should think seriously about doing a jewellery design course as one lady told me today. Or maybe I just need to work harder on making art. Who knows for sure. not me.

Well all the cats are in bed as far as I know and I’m going to head off to, night.


Undara Road Trip

Undara Lava Tubes
Camp Breakfast
Mum and I on the Sunset tour

A waterfall I don’t know the name of

Well here it is a day late, sorry about that but I got rather caught up in learning to bezel Rivoli’s and create flowers which I will post about tonight, but this is the promised post about my trip.


So on Friday Mum and I work up early ready to be picked up for our car trip, with Sonia and Eddie. It was a bit of a long trip up to Undara but it was broken up by Geocaching stops as well as a few fuel stops and lunch, where we stopped at Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms that are apparently 150 years strong and had a tasty lunch, though there was a bit of a wait as it was understandably a popular stop.

Eventually we made it to Undara after slowing down for Emus, cows and having to follow one car issuing smoke and weaving all over the road, to our concern. It continued on regardless and we turned off. I was the only one of us who had been to Undara before in 2012 when I had been on a road trip around the north of Queensland by my self between jobs and was excited to be back as the others were excited to visit for the first time. And this time I was sharing a renovated train carriage with mum. It was fantastic, with the luggage racks still in place, and old fans left in as decoration. Our carriage had is own bathroom and small lounge room.

After a long day we went up to dinner and sat in another converted train carriage for dinner, snagging one of the covered booths. Given how remote Undara is and covid-19 restrictions the menu was rather limited but the lava cake for desert was fantastic. The staff were all super friendly and helpful. All in all it had been a good day.


We were up early for another day, and a camp breakfast in the bush. I had tea boiled on the fire and a hot camp breakfast that we ate sitting on a felled tree and had logs planted in the ground in front of us for individual tables. Mum chose to sit in front of the toasting fire so I ended up helping several people to toast their fires with some advice on where to hold their toast and letting them know if their toast was cooked before they went through the effort of lifting it up to look.

After breakfast we were off on our adventures for the day. First up we went to the Kalkani Crater Rim Walk. A dormant volcano that last exploded less than 20,000 years ago according the information board at the base of the crater. It was a fairly easy walk up, and we spotted several kangaroos and other macropods on the way up. It was great to be able to walk all the way round the rim at the top and view several other volcanos that fell into two categories of volcano. The landscape was stunning though the wind was relentless.

On the way back to the outback resort, we stoped to find a few more geocaches after having grabbed the info for an earth cache on the rim. One of which involved another small hill climb. When we got back to the Undara retreat we took another short walk to a plato. I was interested to find a plaque that announced that Sir David Attenborough launched Undara Wilderness Management for Undara Lava Lodge Bush Resort on 05 October 1991. He is a hero of mine, as his documentaries have been apart of my childhood and beyond.

After that it was almost time for lunch and we sat kookaburra watching and joking because one had stollen part of Eddies breakfast that morning. There wasn’t a lot of time after lunch because we were booked in for not one but two tours, and had to get ready for the first one to begin. It turns out that our first tour was the Archway tour that I had done on my last trip but it was still a great experience doing it again and I learnt a little bit more about the caves as our tour leader was very knowledgeable about the caves and their history.

The lava tubes are a fantastic natural phenomenon, that are just mind blowing. Created by slow moving lava they are huge and you walk on a boardwalk down in to the darkness where you find out that the tubes were made from not just one eruption but from several, each carving out a new layer and leaving ‘tide’ marks. But not only that, as the tubes are in sections, with some parts open to the elements, there are small pockets of forest in the dry savanna wilderness.

We got back to camp for a small rest and were then off for the sunset tour, where we spotted wildlife along the way to a small walk to a hilltop where we enjoyed bubbly and nibble as the sun set, that was rather muted by clouds.


We were on the road again, stopping at Mount Hypipamee Nation Park, in the rainforest where we walked to a water filler crater and glimpsed a waterfall through the trees. It was a lovely rainy day, so not really good for adventures. Still we made our way to Atherton and the Gem shop on a mission for my aunt for a geod stone. I got to crack it open in the shop and mum and I brought a few things for our selves. Of course in Atherton we also did some geocaching and Mum was in need of coffee so we stoped in to a Raw cafe where I got a great chia late.

Then it was off to Gallo Dairyland for lunch, cheese and chocolate. It is a very busy place and you should book, because it is worth the stop. if you haven’t visited a working dairy then go so you can view the 3pm milking, while I didn’t bother having visited farms in my youth the others enjoyed watching the process. We stayed at Tinaroo Sunset Retreat for the night and ventured out for a few more caches before night fall.


We were provided with a great breakfast before the long drive home. If you are ever in Cardwell then I recommend Brearley’s Bakery for pies and pastries swans that you can eat at the ocean side. We stopped off at a lookout and then it was the rest of the long drive home. It had been a jam packed four days.

Lou, without the help of cats.

Late post Monday

Hey so I am back home after spending most of the day in the car, and can’t wait to get beading again, though I did have a lot of fun these last few days on adventure. I’ll post about it tomorrow. Anyway the week head will have me trying new beading techniques that I have not done yet so if you follow me on instagram @delicatebylou then keep an eye on my stories as I shall be posting updates. Its something that I have only recently been doing and it is a good way to show progress shots without cluttering up my feed.

Tomorrow I’ll actually be making items to sell despite my decision not to as a shop owner was very impressed by my work and asked if I could make unique brooches to sell to a ladies club that gets around. As brooches are interesting I thought I’d give it a go. And then depending on how that goes I’ll fit in the Fibonacci sequence project, and hopefully finish the 6th cube on the solid 3d set. Then its time to get cracking on Christmas things.

And at some stage I shall make a solid crack at finishing all the WIPs (works in progress) that I have lying about all over my desk. The only other thing is a new project I am waiting to start, if the parts ever arrive; it will be super exciting to put together and will hopefully lead to a new style of bead work for myself, in addition to what I already do.

Yours a very tired Lou.

To sell or not to Sell

Russian Leaf Flower headbands

It has been a tough decision to make given the amount to time that I spend beading and the cost of materials but after giving markets ago and having set up a small online shop and giving it a I have decided to focus on creating art. This a personal choice for every maker and creator and depends a lot on their own personal situation and inclinations.

For me I didn’t get much enjoyment from trying to sell my work and my home town is only starting to get interested in higher quantity handmade items. Between that and working full time as a casual with a changing roster and working out of town it just didn’t really work out. Having taken the time to do the math I would have to make and sell a large bauble for every single day in the year just make $10950 in a year and that is before taking beading expenses into account, as well as stall fees, travel & postage ect. Not exactly a brilliant business proposition.

But that is ok as I didn’t really have my heart in selling my beadwork, at least not as a dedicated small gift shop. It just took a lot of time away from the artistic beadwork that I really wanted to do. That’s not to say that I won’t be making baubles and things to sell, but mostly it will just be art items and possibly more exclusive items to sell, if I ever get around to working on my idea and writing patters.

In this day and age is with such a saturated market it is really hard for anyone in the creative arts to make a living selling goods unless they really stand out or can upscale to mass production of gift items, like mugs, shirts, postcards and the like. At the same time making your was as a artist you face an over saturated market that has a heavy focus on easy to mass produce modern art, that takes little to no skill to make. But with persistence, quality and a lot of luck I believe anyone can make it work.

Lou, currently unsupervised by any cats.

The Unorganised Struggle

Sometimes things just don’t work out, like my intended post. Don’t worry its still in the works but after technical problems with getting photos from phone onto my computer because my icloud storage was full and the following drama of deleting photos and using air drop and all my other bright ideas to get the photos on to my computer with out uploading to the internet, then downloading to my computer only to edit and upload again I have decided to leave the problem for tomorrow.

It seems despited having over six thousand photos on my devices the hardest part of creating this blog so far has been getting photos to use for the posts that I am happy with. Sometimes its not the expected things that you have trouble with, although I did know that I would need to take better photos as some stage, and have been working on setting up a small area on my desk to do just that despite of the lack of space. The other thing about having so many photos is that it can be a massive pain to sort through them to find one you want from somewhere in the middle of it all even when you can scroll through super fast to work through all the photos.

On the plus side of writing for a blog I am now spending more time listening to music, because I can’t listen to an audiobook and write at the same time; which is my go to when beading, until about dinner time when I switch to watching tv/movies on my laptop. You might find it hard to believe that there is time in my life for a second obsession but having found audiobooks, it has made room for my obsession with reading. Before I would spend a few months beading, then a few reading and switch between the two depending on what I was more in the mood for. in the four years that I have had audible I have spent 5 months, 8 days, 23 hours and 58 minutes listening to audio books. its great.

Lou, off for dinner.

Schedule, expeditions & Covid-19

View from Eungella, QLD Australia

Ok so for anyone interested in what to expect from my blog, I plan to publish one to two post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and although I will try to write the majority of the post on the day they are published I will make use of scheduling as I also have an inconstant work schedule and a tendency to go on adventures. The above photo is from a day trip to the mountain range behind my home town.

For the moment the majority of my posts will be mostly of the art journal variety, with posts on what I am up to, interested in and what I am inspired by. But depending on feed back from viewers, I will hopefully add to this with posts featuring other designers, interviews and what not; if people are interested. There is a high chance that some of my posts will not be bead related but will give you a view into other aspects of my life, because despited how much time I spend beading I do manage to fit other things in.

This Friday I will be on my way to the amazing Undara Lava tubes with my mother and family friends. It is a place that I have visited before and cannot wait to visit again. The lava tubes are fantastic natural pheromone that are stunning to behold. Set in the Gulf Savannah country it is breathtaking when you come upon the ancient lava tubes that hold small rain forests in the tubes. Access to the lava tubes is by guided tour only and they have recently reopened with restricted bookings in compliance with government requirements.

Now for most people around the world it might seem unbelievable that anyone would be travelling given the current pandemic and social isolating constraints. And it dose seem weird that I shall be travelling during a world wide pandemic but Queensland has been very fortunate in this crisis so far, having very few cases to date having a current total of 1105 cases, 1082 of which have recovered. Unfortunately we have had 6 deaths and there are currently 17 active cases according to the Queensland Government department of Health, a link to the website stating the statistics (which are updated daily) is listed below.

Where Queensland has not been fortunate is that our economy relies heavily on coal exported to China who decided to boycott Australian coal and on the tourism industry which has of course taken a hit everywhere around the world. Given border closures and the hardships of our fellow Queenslanders in the tourism industry it seems that the best thing todo is support business as best we can, while practicing responsible social distancing and good hygiene. So thats what we having been doing, going to small markets, avoiding large groups, visiting cafes and restaurants who are following government requirements and also staying home as much as possible.

Eventually we are all going to have to find that balance between supporting business and the economy and what will likely be a new way of life with social distance measures to help slow down future pandemics.

C-ya soon Lou & Milliekins

Links: – latest updates – coronavirus (COVID-19)