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Established in August of 2020, DelicatebyLou is a blog focusing on my beadweaving obsession and journey.

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Way to busy…

Well I finished this beautiful star designed by DiMarca for a trade I made with my cousin Kea whom I am on a mission to mention more then a certain cat who I mention all the time. Mostly because she pointed out that I mention the cat more. I didn’t really have to make theContinue reading “Way to busy…”

Tea Time.

How cute is this funky little tea set designed by Ziva Averbuch. I brought the pattern a while ago and have been meaning to make it ever since. You will have to blame me for the colour choice though in this photo as I really desperately need to get more opaque beads to work withContinue reading “Tea Time.”

Other peoples art!

Guardians of Well being 2020 by Soraya Abidin. I love the lates exhibition at my local Artspace and I was super excited to find a form of beadwork in my local gallery. This fantastic creation has beads embroidered on it and was my fave item in the show though miniature dresses by Sai-Wai Foo didContinue reading “Other peoples art!”

Limited Edition?

I’ve been thinking about doing a limited edition set of baubles and/or a stand alone set to go with my Shapes series as a way to raise money to buy the supplies to keep making it and get pro photos taken. I figured this might be a nice way for people to feel involved inContinue reading “Limited Edition?”


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