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Established in August of 2020, DelicatebyLou is a blog focusing on my beadweaving obsession and journey.

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February Already

Hi, this year seems to be going so fast, one minute it was Christmas and the next it’s the first of February. I have made two sculptures last month in between doctors’ appointments, setting up my laser cutter and catching up with friends and family. I have also been feeling a bit flat which is…

Christmas Catch Up!

I sold a number of stars and baubles this year and put the rest up on my Christmas trees on Christmas day. We had our McNeill family Christmas party at our house this year, though it was only a small one as some of the aunts, cousins and second cousins were away this year. One…

Last day of the year

It sure has been an interesting year, with some ups and downs. And it went fast. Hopefully, there will be more ups next year and fewer downs. Here is a recap of 2022. This year I managed to make and finish a 3D Cross and the small threads collection in January. In Feb I made…

Almost Christmas

Hi there, it has been a few weeks. Life got busy and I’ve been working on Christmas orders and presents which I won’t be able to share with you until after Christmas. I will have to take that into account next year and have some post prepared so that I can have something to post…


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2 thoughts on “Delicate By Lou

    1. yes, there are so many different ways. I am currently running an international project called the International Patchwork Sculpture with the Beadworks guild for this year’s bead week. you can check out the Facebook group which has some tutorials and where I will eventually put up the video of the project coming together.


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