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Established in August of 2020, DelicatebyLou is a blog focusing on my beadweaving obsession and journey.

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Star Shine.

And as usual I’ve been a busy bee.Some times I wonder if I will ever get as much time to bead as I want but let’s talk about what I’ve been up to. So last weekend I got talking to Jane at days for girls and gave her a few instagram tips for her daughterContinue reading “Star Shine.”

Möbius Band and 2k

I celebrated hitting the 2k follower mark on instagram yesterday and was so excited and grateful that my unusual passion has gained so much love and attention. I was also given some beading/math ideas by @best.miyuki.patterns on instagram as well and set to work making this möbius strip which was easy enough to make andContinue reading “Möbius Band and 2k”


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