New Designs!!!

Hey there, I am late with my post again, ugh but I have been super busy and I do have a bit to post about as you can hopefully see from the photo above.

It started with the ball here. I use to hate thread showing as I thought it made my work look amateurish and so I worked hard to hide it away to give it a clean look which I love. But that means it’s not easy to see that I hand stitch my work together with thread and a few people have had trouble with the idea so I wanted a way to show my thread in an interesting way.

IRL its not actually easy to see the thread in this ball as its small and the thread tends to blend in, but it comes up nicely in the photo.

I also wanted to experiment with this as its something I’ve not seen before.

My next thread ball was this little red and yellow one, and I found the thread looked so much like mesh that it was hard to tell that it was actually thread. It still looks kinda cool though and it also highlights the join row in red.

Part of the reason this post was late was because I wanted to show off some of the things that can be done with thread other than Quilling which is cool, though it is something I have to improve on, myself. And I’ve been busy in general as well, looking for houses with my aunt and mum.

This blue ball I did with white thread and I like how it highlights the thread and how easy it is to see that it is actually thread. I also want to do some thread on the outside of the balls, crossing from one panel to the next but I had a few other things I wanted to get done first. Hopefully no one else gets there first. But its ok if they do

I am all about experimenting and trying things out and this is just one of the results. I wanted to show off some of the things you could do with adding thread into the design and depending on the open shape you can make several different designs in the openings with the thread. In this one each opening has a different coloured thread and is stitched in a different pattern/design.

I also want to make one that has more than one colour of thread in an opening to make a more interesting pattern.

Here is a different face of the ball which reminds me of drawing flowers in school. On the far face you can just make out a dreamcatcher inspired design. The dreamcather ones were super hard to do as the beadwork would move so the tension was super hard to get right. I will experiment with it more and am hoping my idea for fixing the problem will work.

My Flower ball experiment. Ok so this turned out nothing like I imagined it would. Like at all. Still it looks cool and I have plans to make another one in pinks to make it look more like flowers. I finished this one late last night and it was just a bit too late after finishing it and taking photos to do this post. This one was made as an Icosahedron, but with the horns (the points) folding the middle of the faces it looks more like a shape.

The horned ball was inspired by the yellow dress which has horns on the back. I want to add a full skirt to the yellow dress but don’t currently have the 15o beads I need to do it so it will stay as is for now. The Black and White hour glass dress came next and it is going to stay as a mini dress. It has a slight art deco vibe with the levels and it looks cool from every angle. You can seen the horns on the left photo below. and a side on view of the hourglass dress to the right.

I’ll put more photos and videos up on insta today.

Well this has taken up a lot of my morning so I’ll finish up now. Hopefully I’ll finish my 2021 recap post later this week.

all the best lou.

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Hey there, most people call me Lou and I am a passionate dreamer and creator of funky beaded creations. I dream of having my creations featured in galleries and am working to make that dream a reality. When I am not working or creating I am spending time with family and friends, reading or watching movies.

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